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Disneyland – best place to go with your children

happy childAll children – it's not revealing at all – like having fun. And we, as parents, would love to provide them the best fun in the world. But what should we do? Answer is one – take our children to Disneyland.

There are a few of them in the world. Two in US, one in Europe, and 3 in Asia. I can't speak about those outside of America, but those in California and Florida are simply great. I can't imagine a better place to spend a day with our children.

Our journey required planning though. We're not from US, so we required a visa, or – as it turned out – something called ESTA – click here to learn more. It was great actually, because it's much easier to acquire ESTA than a regular visa. And it costs less. Check: https://www.applyesta.us/faq/how-much-does-an-esta-cost/. We did it twice, as we went to USA on 2 occasions. It's easy and simple. I like it!carousel

Disneyland is really great fun. What's maybe most important – not only for children. Adults can have fun too. My husband was very excited about some Star Wars attractions. And I enjoyed some rollercoasters. We had really great day. The only disadvantage is big traffic. Really – sometimes – queues can be exhausting. And we didn't have time to do all the stuff we planned. But except for this – it was one of the best days – not only in my life – but my children too.

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