Monday, April 21, 2008

Papal Visit '08

A friend shared me with me this neat story.  

My friend has a friend with a 9-yo son who is legally blind.  Son wants to be a priest when he grows up.  Friend's friend was entered in the lottery to see the Pope in DC, but did not get tickets.  A friend of my friend's friend (got that?) was also entered in the lottery and did get tickets, however, she felt that God was impressing on her to give the tickets to her friend.   So friend's friend and her 9-yo son went off the see the Pope in DC.

Somehow friend was talking to a priest who talked to a bishop who talked to an archbishop who spoke with a vatican official (or something like that) and it was arranged that the 9-yo boy would get a chance to meet The Pope.  So, when the Pope came out, the 9 yo boy was lifted over the ropes and actually met and spoke with The Pope for around 5 minutes.     The Pope blessed a purse full of rosaries and other religious articles that the boy's mother had given him. .  Boy also asked the Pope to "please bless my eyes because it might be hard to be a priest if I am blind"  So, the boy also got a special papal blessing on his eyes.

The boy was then lifted back over the ropes and returned to his mother.     Later on, when the Pope came out he made a special point of coming over to the boys' mother and friends and greeintg them.  As the Vatican offiicial was leaving he told the boy's mother "your son must be very special because he (the Pope) doesn't do that).

A few days later, the boy had his regular eye exam and it was discovered that for the first time since he was born, there was no further degeneration of his eyes.

Neat story!


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