Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Healthy Sleep Habits

I recently read this article on sleep.  It got me thinking about healthy sleep habits.  I am actually one of the few people I know who has what I consider to be healthy sleep habits.

I believe healthy sleep habits to be those to of our ancestors, before the invention of artificial lights, and TV's and computers.  In days past, one went to bed shortly after dark and awoke shortly after day-break feeling well-rested without the need of caffeine or other stimulants.  

Healthy sleep means one doesn't need an alarm clock to  awaken,  and they go to bed and awaken at approximately the same time each night.  It is well documented that shift work is unhealthy, but even sleeping later/staying up later on weekends can take its' toll.   I firmly believe in the importance of regular sleep routines.

New research is also coming out on the ill affects of nighttime lights.   The best sleeping environment is a totally dark room which is on the cooler side.   Sleeping in a totally darkened room has been shown to both prevent cancer and help regulate the female cycle.

So, shut off the computer, turn off the lights and go to sleep!

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