Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not Back to School

It's that time of year again...(da,da,da,da)...BACK TO SCHOOL....except not for us...we're not going back to school.

In a few weeks our homes school group will have a lovely "Not Back to School Beach Day" While all the other kids are in school, our kids will be frolicking on the beach. While all the other kids are in school, my kids have time to play and read and draw and paint and ice skate and swim and go to the library and the zoo and the playground and the farm and the museum and well... wherever we darn well please.

That is the beauty of not going to school...we aren't bound by schedules and clocks and other restrictions. We can just LIVE life. Sure, we have our "school work"...but guess what..somehow me manage to do in 1 hour what it takes the school system, 4 or 5 to do. AMAZING how that works, efficiency is a wonderful thing!

Yet another beautiful year of NOT going back to school!.


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