Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Best. Catholic. Meme. Ever!

--- 2 ---
Monopoly is getting rid of the iron and replacing it with a cat.  This is incredibly good news, because who the heck in their right mind would want to be an iron?  I iron?  Who came up with that.  That's about as dumb as being a thimble.   Who wants to be reminded of work while they play.  Not that I would know anything about ironing as work...because I don't do it.
--- 3 ---
I just found this on facebook.  This is totally me.

--- 4 ---

I must admit, I'm jealous of all my Rhode Island/Massachusetts friends that get to a experience a historic blizzard of crippling proportions.  I've never experienced  a blizzard. ..and down here in FL, we're all just like So, is it going to be warm, hot or super hot today?    I miss not sweating. 

--- 5 ---
CNN did a piece where mothers (and fathers) can share their stories about abortion.  The stories are very interesting and sad.  A few are just maddening and are only about abortion in the strictest medical sense (same as a miscarriage is a "spontaneous abortion." should check it out.
--- 6 ---

Lent is right around the corner, and I still haven't decided what I plan to "give up" or do this year.  I always find Lent so hard with a new baby....I'm all like...Well, I already gave up sleep..and going anywhere by myself for the next year and being able to do ANYTHING without being interrupted, isn't that enough.   And, I already don't eat sweets (except for ice cream on Sundays and dark chocolate...but that's a health food...really it lowers my risk of heart attack or stroke, so I HAVE to eat it.) or soda, or any of those things. So, I really don't know what to do.  Any ideas or suggestions??  I'd love to hear what others are doing this Lent!!
--- 7 ---

 For number 7, I'll just leave you with our miracle of the day.  Elsa slept ALL BY HERSELF in her bouncy chair DURING THE DAY.  This is A BIG DEAL Here is the cute, photographic evidence.  She slept in there for like a whole TWENTY MINUTES.  WOW!  Keep it up babe...pretty please?

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  1. I love this post! So many laughs.

    First pic of Jesus flying :0.

    I always wondered why the iron too!

    I'll check out the cnn post.

  2. Elsa is so so so cute, can I have her? Pretty please?


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