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7 Reasons to Keep Breastfeeding 7QTF

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I recently came across an article titled 6 Reasons to Stop Breastfeeding, so I figured I'd get all cute and do 6 reasons to KEEP breastfeeding...except this is SEVEN Quick Takes I'm going to come up with SEVEN reasons.   The authoress of the article listed only "non-medical" to be fair..I'm only going to list "non-medical" reasons, too.  (P.S. I sorta, kinda, maybe, possibly could have stolen the idea from my friend, Martha....must give credit where credit is due!!)


If you stop breastfeeding, you still have to feed the baby.  Doh'...ya'll are probably all, so tell me something I don't already know already.   But, it's totally true, if you stop breastfeeding you still have to feed the baby, which means you have to buy formula, and you have to mix it up in bottles, and warm the bottles and then feed the baby and then wash the bottles.  Golly...I'm exhausted just typing all that.   That seems like a lot of work...and I don't like cuts into my internet blogging/surfing time. 


You can totally multi-task while breastfeeding.  I'm breastfeeding now as I type this post.   Once the baby gets older and has more head control, it is pretty easy to read, or facebook, or surf the internet or type, or teach school or even eat all while breastfeeding.


It gets easier...I promise, it really, really, really does.  Most of the problems moms have in the beginning are because new babies are tiny and have tiny mouths and no head control.  But, babies grow and get head control..and it gets easier, much, much, much easier, and it's so worth it. 

It's's free!  Yippee!!  I love free stuff!  And formula is not fact it is $$$$$. 


You always have a readily available, perfect temperature, food source with you..and you don't have to lug a bunch of stuff around.  Which is great news if you are totally disorganized and always late and constantly forgetting me.  But, so far, I haven't managed to forget my mammary glands..yet.

It gives you a great excuse to get away from boring or annoying people.   Say you're at a  party and get stuck listening to someone drone on and on..  Whoops...sorry Uncle Roger, I'd love to hear all about your trip to Timbuctoo for the 20th time, but baby's hungry.  What's that you say...she just fed 30 minutes ago and appears to be sleeping soundly.   Growth spurt..she'll wake up any time...better go feed now...sorry to miss those pictures. 

On the flip side though...if you're someplace fun and don't want to get up and leave, you can just feed anywhere.  I do it all the time, and so far, no one's ever kicked me out.....yet.


Breastfeeding  assures that you are at least one person in this world's totally, bestest, most favorite,person ever!  I love admiration...even if it is only coming from someone who drools all day long.  I'll take it!

Look at my admiring fan!

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  1. Okay, so this is all totally anecdotal, which I HATE using in an argument, but I completely agree with everything you said! I couldn't breastfeed Abigail due to her heart complication (she didn't have the stamina to breastfeed), so I spent 3 weeks pumping before the stress of my life that summer dried up my milk supply. Then we had to turn to formula. At no point was Abigail solely on breast milk (I never had enough milk supply to sustain her).

    ANYWAY, formula-feeding Abigail WAS AWFUL! Point #1 at a store? SUCH a burden. Huge burden. I didn't even want to go out because lugging the water, bottles, and formula can were heavy and took up all the space in my diaper bag. #4: formula is incredibly expensive. INCREDIBLY. And when the baby doesn't drink the whole bottle, and you're out and about with no place to store it, and you have to dump it out...ugh. Makes me mad just thinking about it!

    Pumping with no breast feeding was the worst of both worlds, so I could understand straight formula feeding if a person was unable to breast feed. But if I could breast feed and I only had to pump on days when I wanted to get out of the house without Abigail? That would have been my dream come true. I think just being able to whip it out, any time, any place, and feed my baby would have been AMAZING!

  2. I could totally see how pumping and no breastfeeding would be the worst. Pumping is so much work..I really admire who does it and isn't able to directly breastfeed...I'm not sure i would be able to.

  3. Haha, I love #7, it's so true. Even now I think my kids only love me because I provide them with food. The baby loves me best because only I can give her food ;)

    And having pumped for my second who had medical issues, yes, breastfeeding is sooo much easier! Just plain old breastfeeding this time around has been a huge blessing after the nightmare of pumping and bottle feeding for several months last time.


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