Monday, February 25, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac - Link Up

February 25
Feast of St Matthias

I am…

Thanking God for:
..our family's health
...our numerous in Florida and spread out across the country.
...air conditioning.  I have thanked God for this just about every day, since we moved to Florida. 
...generous friends and acquaintances who have shared their baby items with me.

...Fed Up...Winning the War Against Childhood Obesity.   I picked this book up at the library a week ago.  I'm not sure how I feel about, but it's a fairly interesting read.
...Real Love, Guaranteed to Last.   I got this for free on our kindle on the recommendation of my friend, Amy.   
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having a kindle.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  I LOVE reading and there is nothing better than having hundreds of books stored on a tiny little device always ready at the fingertips.

...vaccinations...I somehow stupidly broke my personal rule about not getting sucked into debates on Facebook.  Mea culpa....facebook debates are a total time-suck.  But, it has gotten me thinking about them and the issue of forced vaccination.
...for my husband, as he finishes law school and job searches and gets ready for the bar. 
...for my children..that they will always enjoy good health..both physical and spiritual. 
...for various friends who are dealing with sickness or other stresses.

Waiting For:
...our tax refund!!!!!!

Thinking About:
...what to make for 6:00 PM.    Procrastination..thy name is Amelia.   
...also, thinking about the monumental task Ben and I have before us...filling out the bar application.  Yikes!

...tan cargo shorts and a brown t-shirt.  Boring..yep!  Shoes..never wear them in the house..or outside the house if I can help it.  We didn't go anywhere today, so these are my "around the house" clothes.

Trying: make a "car-cake" for John's birthday tomorrow.  I'm really good at making cakes taste good...but not so good at making them look good.  No doubt, the final result will be something of cake-wreck fameBTW..if you haven't visited that blog you, you totally should.  Because, your life really isn't complete until you see a cake that graphically depicts a baby being born.  


...this adorable picture from the beach yesterday.  Yesterday, we went to the beach to celebrate John's 5th birthday with some friends.  So much fun!

Could this get any cuter?  I don't think so!

And of course, this one of the handsome birthday boy!  I think he looks a bit like a little surfer dude.  Surfing is one thing you can't do in the Gulf...there are NO waves.   I have to laugh when they describe these teeny, tiny little waves as "choppy"'s nothing compared to the mighty Atlantic!

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  1. Hi Amelia. Shorts! The Beach! Right now I'm listening to the wind howl as a Winter storm is moving our way.

    We bought our oldest daughter a Kindle for Christmas, the Paperwhite. And then we just bought our 2nd oldest one a Kindle for her birthday. I was not sure how I would feel about them; I love books. But I can see the benefit of them now. I have even used it while nursing. It's so compact and light and easy to turn pages one handed!

    1. Yes, I love our Kindle. We have the Kindle Touch and got the Kindle Fire for the kids for Christmas. I love using it while is so easy to turn pages and I never have to worry about "losing my page."

  2. Yes, the pictures of your kids can't get any cuter! What was your son staring at? What remains of cheese-flavored chips :-)

    I wish your husband success in his examinations.

    Have a good week, Amelia.

    1. Thanks!!! Yes, I think John was staring at his chips. We don't usually eat them, so they were a real treat!

  3. Amelia... It's nice to see another blogger from Florida..I haven't 'met' many others. : ) And I haven't worn shoes since I moved here when I was in high school. Beautiful pictures..
    Praying for your husband's success.


  4. I went to HS and College in Central FL (Satellite Beach/Melbourne respectively). I sure miss it.

    We are waiting on our tax return too. I had a Nook, wasn't impressed. I may have to try a Kindle.

    I just wrote a blog post about Body Image. Ugh it's so tender with children - because people can be mean.

    Anyway - Great post.

    1. Thanks. I read your post on body image. I pray all is well with your son's health and the doctor's figure out his thyroid and how best to help him.

  5. Precious baby! No, she could not be any cuter!

    And praying for your husband and success on his bar exam.

    My favorite way to make a car cake is to make a cake and put brand new Hot Wheels cars on a bit of waxed paper on top of the cake.

    Thank you for sharing! This was fun!

    1. Thanks for your prayers. I should have just done the wax paper on top of a cake with new Hot Wheels. Instead, I tried constructing this 3-D cake which only looked like a car if you have a lot of imagination. It tasted good though and the Birthday Boy was happy, so it was all good.

  6. Wow, as the winter winds whip snow around our house, the beach sure sounds wonderful. Good luck to you and your husband on filling out the app and on him taking the bar.


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