Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday John..5 Years in Pictures!

Today is my little boy's 5th birthday!!! Happy 5th birthday John!!  John is very smart and loves learning.  He knows his letter sounds and basic counting, and is eager to start "school" for real.   He is all boy and loved to run around like crazy, dig in the dirt and turn every stick into a weapon.  Totally, totally typical.  He loves his sisters...but really wishes for a brother.  Maybe someday kiddo...

To celebrate..I'm posting 5 interesting facts about John and one picture for every year of his life.

  •  John's full name is John de la Croix Bentrup.  It is John of the Cross in French.  Saint John of the Cross is Ben's favorite saint, and when you're pregnant you agree to crazy things, so somehow I agreed to name him John de la Croix.  Hopefully this won't cause him too much angst when he grows up and has to do grown-up things like fill out forms.
  • John was born with a short umbilical cord.  The midwife said it was the shortest cord she ever saw.   You can read all about his birth here.  Ironically enough, the midwife (a different one) said the exact same thing after I had Elsa.  Apparently I grow short umbilical cords.  BTW, if you google short umbilical cord you will read all sorts of scary statistics and predictions and dire warnings about the problems that befall babies with short umbilical cords.  Thankfully, none of these have come to pass for us, so this is a perfect example of why I should (but won't) stop googling medical things. 
  • John likes to play chess...by himself.  He sets the board up and then plays both sides.  Oddly enough, he always wins.  Clearly this demonstrates that he is bound for chess mastery and will be the next Josh Waitzkin.
  • John has this amazing ability to fall asleep anywhere.  Laundry baskets and clothing bins are two of his favorites places.  
  • John always wears his clothes backwards and inside out...and he loves it.  One would think that just by chance, he would put his pants on the right way 50% of the time..but apparently not.  He seems to get it wrong 100% of the time.  That takes talent, I'm sure. 
2008...what a sweet baby!

2009 Isn't he cute!  Hippy boy had adorable curly hair as a baby!!

 2010...The curls are gone..waaah! .  Notice that huge scratch..on his cheek.It's actually not a scratch, it is a burn.  Thankfully it healed fine, without any scarring.

2011...Aren't they cute together?  Greta and John have always been really good buddies!

2012!  You can't see it in this picture because his hand is covering it up, but he's holding a cross he made at homeschool coop.  He kept that cross on for weeks without taking it off.  That's because he's John de la Croix....just living up to his name!
2013..We celebrated his birthday at the beach! 
 Happy 5th birthday John!  We love you!
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