Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real and Leaves!

round button chicken


 Double-dipping with this one and joining up for Clan Donaldson and Theme Thursday:  Leaves or Trees.   I braved the frigid, cool morning and pouring rain to take this picture of palm trees and leaves. And, for your interesting fact for the day, did you know that palm trees aren't really trees...they are actually a type of grass.  A very large, type of grass apparently.


Happiness is ice cream cake and birthday celebrations!  A perfect picture to post for Lent, no?


 This is Greta's Valentine's day card for me.  It reads 

Roses are pretty,
Not as pretty as you
Cake is sweet.  Not as
sweat as you.

I'm so glad cake isn't as sweat as me, because who wants sweaty cake?

 This is how we do school around here...sitting on the floor with toys strewn around.  Lollipop not usually included.  Although today she is eating a lollipop, at 11:00 AM, even though it's Lent.  They received a plethora of candy at the Valentine's party on Tuesday and as Greta says "I didn't give up sweets for Lent, I gave up sleeping with a pillow."  Not sure where she come up with that idea?? 

That's all for now folks!  Hope you enjoyed this edition of pretty, happy, funny, real! 


  1. Palm trees aren't a....? What?
    You just blew my mind. I had no idea.

    Thanks for linking up and providing me with my daily dose of science, too!

    1. I's pretty wild. We learned that shortly after we moved down to Fl.

  2. Astounded that palm trees aren't trees? How can that be?

    I love them!

    1. I found this answer which explains a bit more. I guess they are trees in the sense of the vernacular...but not really in true taxonomic sense.

  3. I have been a bit overwhelmed by all the Valentine partying and candy this year. I loved the 'I gave up sleeping with a pillow' reply, that sounds like something my kids would say!

  4. That is the cutest card! We are brand new to the diet, and I would love any tips you have on making it easy. Especially lunch meals. So far we have been eating leftover fried rice for lunch. Thanks!

  5. I forgot that about palm trees! And your card made me laugh so hard. Just say no to sweaty cake.


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