Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The One Homeschooling Item I Couldn't Live Without

So this morning, like every other morning I hop on facebook and see this cool link-up about My Favorite Homeschooling Item from one of my most favorite blogs...House Unseen.   And, I think to myself...Hmm...I wonder what my favorite homeschooling item is?  And, I thought and thought and thought...and realized that the one thing I couldn't homeschool without are my friends and homeschooling community.

Is that sappy or what?  Totally, totally sappy.'  But, also totally, totally true.  I really couldn't homeschool without my friends or a strong homeschool community.  I need the support and encouragement...I really, really need it.

Let's face it...homeschooling can be tough.  There are many days when I just want to throw up my hands and throw everyone in school.  But, I don't...because I know there are other moms going through the exact same thing...and we support and encourage and help each other.  I NEED that support and community.

It is so wonderful to be able to meet up with other moms at the park, or coops or field trips or moms nights out.  It is so wonderful for my kids to have lots and lots of other friends.  And, it is so wonderful that there is this whole community out there of other families that I can reply on for support and help and friendship and field trips and park days.

Homeschoolers tend to be a pretty diverse bunch...and in our homeschooling journey, we've met all types.  And, for the most part...they are all wonderful people.

When we moved down to Florida, one of the first things I did was look up the local homeschooling groups and join a few.  When we move to our location, I know that is one of the first things I will do there as well.

So, here's to all my fellow homeschooling mom friends...those I had in Rhode Island, those I have in Florida and those I've only met in that mysterious world called the internet.   Thank you for your support and encouragement and friendship.  Thank you for keeping me SANE.

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  1. I second that! Finding a homeschool community is so, so important.

  2. Yes! Love this. We just spent the morning at a fellow homeschooler's house with a few other moms + kids. So great. Rejuvenating!

  3. I really want to homeschool my kids, but I am a pretty introverted person and I'm worried that my lack of socialization will spell disaster for my kids' socialization! I tell myself that I'll get the kids involved in community sports or art classes or something to make sure they can form friendships. I'm glad I still have a few years before I have to commit to anything! On a side note, what is the name of the curriculum that you use?

  4. You can definity do classes and sports for activities. However, my kids really benefit way more from one on one time with their friends, than they do group activities. They like the group things, but really, it is the one on one time that they really benefit from and form friends through the most.

    As far as curriculum goes, I don't really use any one thing. I use a whole bunch of different stuff and have changed it every year, but lately for history and science we are using Mother of Divine Grace, and then we use other things for Math, English/Grammar, etc. I basically change something we use almost every year, and each kid has gotten something a bit different.

  5. That isn't sappy but super sweet. Like-minded friends are a treasure.


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