Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday..I'm Traumatized

--- 1 ---
You guys..I'm totally traumatized over here.  On Wednesday, we were sitting down to eat dinner.  I had made a salad using all sorts of healthy ingredients...kale, romaine lettuce, real salt, Parmesan cheese, dried oregano,extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.  When I went to take a bite, I saw a dead, dried up one of these..

I apologize to any readers, I have traumatized with this picture.  Send me the therapy bill.
inside a lettuce fold.   

--- 2 ---
The lettuce was just from a plain, sealed bag of Publix brand Italian Blend (romaine and radicchio) and the roach was just folded up in a piece of lettuce.   And, you know what Ben had the nerve to say.

 That's the last time we buy organic.   

--- 3 ---
And, all I could do was cry.

It's not organic!!!!  It's pesticide-ridden lettuce from a sealed bag and it STILL had a HUGE  bug in it.  I can't bear to throw it away and I can't bear to eat it.  Waaaaah
--- 4 ---
So, finally, Heidi threw it away for me, and I called Publix to complain, and they said they'd call me back.  When they do, they better be offering me a nice Publix Gift Card.  Either that, or offering to pay my therapy bills. 
--- 5 ---
I'm no stranger to bugs in my lettuce.  I grew up with crunchy parents who grew organic before it was cool.  I've seen bugs in my lettuce before.  Let me tell you, there is a WORLD of difference between seeing a bug on fresh, from the garden, organic lettuce and seeing a dead, cockroach in your bagged, pesticide ridden lettuce from the store.
--- 6 ---
  Lemme just tell you though, this was way worse than the time I found a tailless lizard running around in the bottom of one of my pots.   The lizard was inside a strainer, trapped underneath a lid, running around like crazy...with it's tail just lying there separate.   And, I didn't even find that traumatic..and we still use that strainer and lid..after sanitizing the heck out of those things.

--- 7 ---

And, I think I've stretched this traumatizing story for enough quick takes..but speaking of traumatizing things...have you seen that Catholic Meme with the cat staring at a bunch of mice crawling around on his head and the caption reads:
Is Lent Over Yet?
 Every time I see it, I want to run screaming from my computer and bleach my eyes out.   I'd post it here, but I can't bear to look at it.   Mice are worse than cockroaches. .
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  1. That. Is. Disgusting. Our FL apartment was infested with roaches - I had roach eggs in my toaster - and your story is way more disgusting. That's unbelievably disgusting. Oh my goodness. Eww.

    Here's a gross story though, when we moved to Chicago, I found a mouse nest in one of my boxes with 5 dead baby mice scattered throughout the box. And I would WAY rather have that experience than a roach in my lettuce.


  2. Oh that mouse story is disgusting. I hate mice. I have an irrational, phobic fear of mice, so I would much rather deal with roaches than mice. Ewwww..I'm shuddering now.

  3. I find bugs in our lettuce all the time. Store bought lettuce. But I separate the leaves and wash them out. It's gross, but can you imagine what else happens to the lettuce when it's growing in the ground? Eeeww! I just hope some water is strong enough to do the trick!


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