Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday...No Unifying Theme


t's Friday!!! I'm totally tired and feeling a bit brain-dead right now, so these 7 Quick Takes are being written in a sleep-deprived stupor.
--- 1 ---
Why am I so tired you might ask? Well, it might have something to do with this amazing, floating baby. Actually, she's not really floating, she's sleeping on my lap. Which is the only way she naps...if I even *think* so much of putting her down, it's wake-up-and-party baby. So there she sleeps...until my notoriously small bladder can't take it anymore.
--- 2 ---
It's cold today! Well..cold by Florida standards..which means high only in the 60's. Yay!, I got to pull out my favorite fashion accessory. Baby leg warmers...try not to be too jealous of Elsa now. She's doing her part to bring back the 80's.  Notice my sandal-clad foot in the backgroud..cause it's never too cold for sandals. .  .
--- 3 ---
Today is March 1st..which means only 71 days until graduation and only about 3 months until we likely move out of Naples. Waaahh...I don't want to leave...we have too many good friends here. On the other hand..having a steady income again will be very, very, very good!
--- 4 ---
So..did you hear the one about the guy who got swallowed by a giant sinkhole while sleeping? Unfortunately, it's not a really happened. So sad and scary...and this happened just 2 hours or so north of us, in Tampa. Prayers for that family and survivors.
--- 5 ---
And, just to keep it is a picture of John and his cake-wreck worthy car cake.   It looked horrible, but tasted great..and gluten-free to boot!
--- 6 ---
I haven't been watching any of the media coverage of the Pope's last day...mainly because I never watch media coverage and hate having the TV or anything on during the day. So, I've basically been getting all my news from sad is that? Anyway, our prayers are with him and we pray for the new Pope. Did you know that you can go Adopt a Cardinal to pray for? If you haven't done it should. I got Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa SchP from Chile.
--- 7 ---
I used to hate shrimp...and then Ben got us gift cards to Applebees and I got some chicken/shrimp dish (because it was one of the few gluten-free items they had) and it was delicious...and all of a sudden I've been LOVING shrimp. So, I'm going to attempt to make a pasta/shrimp dish for dinner tonight....gluten-free of course. I don't have a recipe, so I'll just wing it. If it turns out well..I'll post the recipe. And, if I don't..then you can assume it was a dismal failure and my family all went screaming off into the woods to hunt down a deer for dinner. Either that, or they all died of food poisoning.

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