Monday, March 4, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac Link-Up

Today I am:

Thanking God For:
...the snap of "colder" weather we had this weekend.   It was a real gift, and I throughtly enjoyed taking walks without sweating!
...good friends
 ...healthy children.  So many people I know are struggling with sick little ones, I so grateful that for the most part, my children are all really healthy.

 ..a total fluff, mystery book I got from the library for my kindle. I love fluff, mystery books. I can't even remember what it is called, it's that fluffy.

...birthday presents for an 11-year old girl. Her birthday was in February, but she received some money and can't decide what to spend it on.

...about the Papacy. We're going to be starting lapbooks on the Pope, thanks to Shower of Roses. recipes..always learning new recipes.

 ...for everyone I know suffering from illness
...for a job for my husband after graduation.
 ...the bar exam.

Wandering Around:
...besides the aforementioned, Shower of Roses Blog, I've really been enjoying reading on The Wine Dark Sea.  Gotta love a blog with the word wine in it's title.
...I've also been enjoying reading Shoved To Them.
 ...Shutterfly. I've been having some computer issues, so I've been frantically trying to back-up the last 5 years or so of pictures onto Shutterfly.


 ...old times. Since I've been uploading old pictures, I've been having some great memories. Here are a few old favorites

This was taken shortly before our wedding.   I actually think I may still have sweater.  It was one of my favorites!

This is one of my favorite pictures of me.  I was at a friend's house/playgroup in TN and Heidi was about 22 months old. I think I still have that sweater too.  Apparently, I am not too good at getting rid of sweaters.
Now, go visit Suscipio for more Catholic Woman's Almanac.

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  1. Literally laughing out loud about how you described your mystery, fluff book!

    The pic of you and your husband is SO cute.

  2. Um, did you say "It's Sooooooooo Fluffy" like the little girl from Despicable Me? I love that.

    We have had such a roller coaster of temps that we are all sick all the time and I'm OVER IT! I'm ready for a warm snap that stays! I mean really!

    Love the pictures.

    1. I always feel like we get sick whenever the weather changes as well. I'm not sure why that happens, but it's something I've noticed for changes bring sickness. It is annoying! Hope you all feel better soon!

    2. thank you so much. I do feel a bit better today, despite the 30 degree down swing in temps. ha!


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