Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac..in which St. Anthony hangs in our crib

Linking up with Suscipio for CWA..a Day Late and possibly a Dollar short as well. Scroll down to see St. Anthony hanging in our crib.

...currently doing a super, long, with Latin,  St. Joseph novena for Ben to get a full-time job by the time we need one. Poor St. Joseph..I feel like I'm always hounding his ear...I'm sure he's sick of me by now.
 ...for all the Cardinals at the Conclave..especially the Cardinal from Chile who I "adopted"
...for numerous friends suffering from numerous health issues.

...nothing worth mentioning...a total fluff, entertainment book.
...The American Frugal Housewife. This was a free kindle book from like the 1800's. For some reason, I derive a great deal of enjoyment from reading old-fashioned housekeeping books. Plus, I've always wanted to know how to make a feather fan out of turkey feathers.

  Wanting to Read
...Baby-Led Weaning. Elsa turned 6 months old yesterday, so we "just" started giving her tiny tastes of food. I tend to skip baby food and just start with table foods..but I hadn't actually read THE BOOK yet.

  Wandering .
..over to Camp Patton. I just discovered this blog and have been enjoying it immensely. The writer/owner, Grace, has 3 children that are remarkably close in age. My children are all spaced fairly far apart, so I tend to have this fascination with families with closely spaced children. Plus, I just really enjoy her writing and humor..it's a fun blog.
...about the next Pope
...what happened to my nice, happy, content babe. It seems that overnight, she turned into this wicked grabby girl that whines and cries if she can't grab and mouth everything in sight.

...a new recipe for Morning Glory muffins. Gluten-free of course. They have coconut, dates, carrots, apples, and almonds in them.

...those baby blues. Notice the toe photo-bomb! Classy..huh?

...St. Anthony hanging in our crib.  Go here  if you want your very own St. Anthony doll to sleep in your crib.

And go visit Suscipio for more CWA.

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  1. Awww. She is so cute.
    I love old housekeeping books too.
    Some of it still makes sense.
    You sound a little blue.
    I hope and pray you are ok!
    Meanwhile - St. Joseph is happy to hear and intervene for you.
    The same way we are honored to pray for people...


  2. Praying hard for Ben's job along with you!


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