Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ..everything Green

I love link-ups, so today I'm linking up with Cari over at Clan Donaldson  for Theme Thursday--Green and the lovely ladies over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for Pretty, Happy, Funny Real.  

Every picture has something Green (in honor of upcoming St. Paddy's Day)_..and shows something pretty, something happy, something funny and something real.

In the interest of full disclosure, I don't have one drop of Irish blood in husband does I do by marriage.  As the story goes, he even has an ancestor with a sordid past in Ireland..but we won't talk about that, because that is his story to tell..not mine.  Besides, I promised not to reveal all our family secrets to all of bloggy-land. 


A pretty picture of the swamp...with lots of beautiful green ferns! 


Well, we're super happy about the new Pope..but I don't have a picture of that... never-mind one with instead I'll just show this picture, because this was a happy day in Household Bentrup.  Especially for the mama..because I WON, our miniature golf game and I'm just immature enough that I still like to gloat if I win!


Not exactly sure what Greta is doing in this picture..but it's a funny picture..with loads of green grass.  You can thank the law school's sprinklers for that super green grass..they come on every night at 3 AM...rain or shine!


This is John's favorite activity.....digging in the dirt.  You can see just a bit of a green bush in the background.

Now go visit Cari and Like Mother, Like Daughter for more great link-ups.

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  1. I love ferns.

    Digging in the dirt was always my favorite thing to do as a child. I was so mad at my parents when they covered my favorite dirt hole with a new patio!

    1. I love ferns, too! And I am green with envy (heh heh) that you've already got some growing!

  2. What beautiful ferns! And of course, you kids are adorable, too. :)


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