Thursday, March 21, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real Mud}

I just LOVE link-ups.  So, I'm joining up again with Like Mother, Like Daughter for PHFR and Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday: Mud


Pretty birdie, pretty birdie.  

This is Snowy..our pet parakeet.  For those of you don't know..I am an animal person.   I've always had pets and was the kid sneaking hamsters into my dorm room in college and guinea pigs/parakeets/rabbits into "pet-free" apartments.  So, almost 2 years ago, when our next door neighbors were moving and looking for a new home for their parakeet, naturally, I couldn't resist. 

He had some other name that I can't remember, but we re-named him Snowy, because he's white and we missed the snow.  Isn't he a pretty birdie?


What else, but a picture of a smiling, happy Elsa?


Just like mommy, Elsa is good at sticking her foot in her mouth.  Pun intended.

{real mud}

Joining up with Cari to post this dirty picture.  Ha, ha..more puns. I'm just cracking myself up over here.

Mud is actually pretty scarce in Florida this time of year.  It doesn't rain much in the spring, and the sun is so STRONG that everything tends to dry out SUPER quickly.   But, while there is a lack of mud outside, there is no lack of mud inside.

We've been studying animals in our homeschooling and learning about animal tracks.  These mud tracks were made by young homo sapiens.  Notice the 5 distinct toes and the way the mud pattern clearly shows the pressure points as the species walks upright with an arched foot.  Much can be learned from these tracks you see.   We can also use our powerful deductive skills to learn that this mud track was made from a right foot.    Oh..the learnin' just never ends.

See, my floors aren't just dirty..they're dirty in the name of science.

Don't worry Mom, I did actually clean the floor after taking pictures and studying these tracks.

Now, go visit the ladies at LMLD and Cari for more link-up fun.

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  1. Love your happy baby pics! So happy!

  2. That's what I'm telling myself from now on- it's not dirt, it's homeschool tracking lessons.

  3. Haha! I'm going to claim my floors are dirty in the name of science now, too! Excellent! Your baby is gorgeous, just look at those eyes!

  4. Snowy is a very pretty bird! Elsa is a very pretty girl too!

  5. Haha! Your commentary cracked me up. Way to put a positive spin on mud-tracking. :)


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