Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.... Piles of Gifts from Spain

round button chicken

When Ben was in college, he spent a semester in Spain.  While, there, he met a dear friend, Rosa, with whom he has continued to keep contact.  A few weeks back, we were surprised and delighted with a lovely package from Spain..chock full of gifts and goodies for all of us along with a lovely, long, handwritten letter detailing the story of the Three Kings and the traditions found in Spain.  Ben translated it and read it to us one night, and we all heartily enjoyed it.

So, to you, Rosa, many, many thanks!!  Muchas Gracias!!    This edition of Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real showcases those wonderful gifts!


For me, there was a lovely bath, soap set!  It was so pretty and smelled so wonderful!  There were many more soaps included, but some are already in use!


For Heidi, there was this cute little store-front treasure box, and this darling cat, who she named Cecile.

Greta was super pleased with her little bull piggy bank and cute marionette.  They were both perfect for her.

She needs to work on keeping those strings untangled..but she loves it.

John got this super, fun, double-sided puzzle, which he really loves.

Elsa, got this adorable, super, sweet sheep..that we named Shelly. Because really..Shelly the Sheep sounds adorable.  Elsa loves her!


For a funny picture, I piled all our wonderful gifts together and snapped a picture! Linking this one up with Cari, from Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday.  And, are so right...the red really does make a difference!


Last, but not least..we can't forget a real picture.   Ben's gift was a real(ly) awesome guidebook from Segovia, Spain.  If we ever make it across the Atlantic..we'll be all set to visit Segovia.

Now, go visit Our Mothers, Our Daughters for more Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real. 

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  1. That is a happy pile! What a fun package to receive.

  2. Surprise packages are the best!

  3. Isn't that red tip amazing? So simple, and very effective.

    I love that bank!

  4. I agree, the red made your picture pop!

  5. Nothing like a package of gifts!


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