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What I Wore Easter Sunday...and Gluten Free Goodies

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Linking up again for a fun What I wore Easter post!

I spent the entire day yesterday baking goodies for this morning. I made brownies with chocolate butter cream frosting, peanut butter sandwich cookies with a cream frosting and coffee cake...everything gluten-free of course.

 And, guys...I going to spill a secret about gluten-free baking. It's not that hard.'s not. For everything, except for breads and pizza crusts, I basically use any regular recipe and substitute a good gluten-free flour blend with xanthum gum or guar gum. I prefer Namaste Perfect Flour blend, because Whole Foods has it for a decent price and it already has xanthum gum in it..but Better Batter brand is also really good.

 I don't like the Bob's Red Mill GF flour blend contains bean flours which aren't that great for don't buy it...unless of course you want to ignore the voice of experience.


 For the brownies, I used a brownie recipe from The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook (subbing for the flour) and frosted them with a regular chocolate butter cream frosting (butter, powdered sugar, cocoa, vanilla and milk). 

 For the peanut butter sandwich cookies, I simply made flourless peanut butter cookies. The recipe is so easy..just 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar and 1 egg. Form into balls, flatten and bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. I filled them with cool whip mixed with melted chocolate chips. I was hoping to turn the cool whip into chocolate, but it didn't quite work out that way, the chocolate chips just hardened into little small bits..but it was still super, super good..almost like an oreo cream filling. I made sandwiches out of the cookies and used the cool whip in the middle. 

 For the coffee cake, I used a basic recipe for cinnamon coffee cake and just subbed the flour. We had that for breakfast (along with ice cream and the peanut butter sandwich cookies) after Mass. I took the brownies with me to a SUPER fun Easter gathering at a friend's house with a bunch of  other families, the kids had an eggs hunt and a good time was had by all! 

And, I don't know why I just spent the first several paragraphs of this post blathering on about food...other than the fact that I love to eat and love food and baking...and I wanted to talk about my goodies.
And, I probably subconsciously think that food is more interesting than clothes. 

So, now you all know where my priorities lie. 

 But, here is the actual point of this post. What I wore Easter.


 Dress: Thrifted from an awesome thrift store in Rhode Island. I bought it while I was pregnant with Elsa, even though it's not a maternity dress...but I hoped I could wear it as one. I couldn' looked terrible. But, it actually works pretty decent as a nursing dress...even though it's not one. I usually hate wearing dresses because they are hard to nurse in, but this one isn't so bad...although I do need to use a cover with it, because I have to come out over the top. I'm not a big nursing cover fan..but I did have one and it worked pretty well with this dress, and Elsa is at the age where the cover actually helps her nurse because she is easily distracted.

 Tank top: Wal-Mart 


 Glasses: Zenni Optical (I have so many glasses from that place). 

 And, here's a pic of the kids. I could NOT get a good one, before they started mutiny. They were especially uncooperative this morning. All their clothes are hand-me downs from others, except for Heidi's. She bought her skirt with her birthday money off Zulily ( girl wants to spend birthday money on clothes?!?!?) and her shirt was bought from Wal-Mart (I think).

This one is a tiny, tiny bit better:


 But, not much.  

So, go check-out the better dressed families at the link-up and I'll be linking up with Fine Linen and Purple tomorrow. 

And have a wonderful and Blessed Easter and Easter Week Everyone!! Alleluia!!!
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  1. You look so lovely! I'm not sure why you eat gluten free but is agreeing with you!

  2. You look fab in red, and that dress has such a flattering cut. The kids are completely adorable, even if they weren't entirely cooperating.

  3. ooh, thanks for the gfree baking tips! putting this post in my phone for when I am out shopping :). Love the dress!!

    totally understand kid mutiny with pictures :).

  4. Love the gluten free baking tips! Thanks!
    Your dress is a very pretty red. It looks really nice on you.

  5. Love the red dress! You look fabulous...just fabulous. The kids look wonderful as well. Happy, Happy Easter!!

  6. Amelia, you look great in that red dress and the belt is a great touch. And your kids are too cute. I like that first pic where they're all scowling. ;-)

  7. your kids are so cute! even if they don't want to cooperate for a photo, haha! and that is a beautiful red dress.


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