Sunday, March 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday... St. Patrick's Day Edition.

Welcome to WIWS...the St. Patrick's Day Edition.  Notice..that I AM wearing green.  So is Elsa.  I'm not Irish at all, but I grew up in RI, which is heavily Irish and Portuguese..and anyone who dared to venture out without wearing green on St. Patrick's Day was vulnerable to pinching.  And,  I hate being pinched...and pinching babies is just to protect ourselves, we all wear green!

Besides, Ben is partly Irish, so my kids are like 1/4 Irish or something...

Sorry, it's so dark.  Our camera was out of batteries, so Heidi used the Ipod. 

Guess how much this whole outfit cost!!!!!

Are you ready??


Shirt:  On clearance from Wal-Mart for $2.  Cha-ching!

Skirt:  Given to me from my sister when she joined the convent, many, many, many moons ago.  Like..back in 1998 or something.   So, yeah...that skirt is super old.  I've worn it when I was skinny and in college..and.also while .umm..not so skinny..due to pregnancy or being post-partum.  It's a great skirt..and has held up well to all the stretching.   It actually doesn't even look all that worn. I have no clue where my sister got it from.  Before she joined the convent, she was a I inherited all sorts of great clothes when she entered.  Most of which no longer all.

Shoes:  Stolen from Payless.

Ha!  Gotcha!

They weren't really stolen.  Here is what happened.  Over a year ago, I ordered a pair of new shoes online.  Then like an hour later, I got Buyer's Remorse and felt guilty and was all we can't afford them so I called the company and cancelled the order.

Then 2 weeks later, this package, containing the shoes, shows up in my mail.  So, yet again, I find myself on the phone with customer service.  I was expecting them to send me a return packing slip so I could send them back, but they didn't.  They said that they did see the order as being cancelled, but since it was their mistake just to keep them or I could drop them off at a local store if it was convenient.  Since, the whole reason I had bought them online in the first place is that shopping at the local store is definitely NOT convenient, I kept them.

Elsa's Outfit:

Sundress:  Handmade and given to us by Aunt Alison!  Thanks Aunt Al!

Tights:  Not sure.. they might have been one of the few things I've kept from the older girls, or they might have been in a bag of clothes handed down to me.

And, that is What I Wore Sunday!  Go visit the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for more What I Wore Sunday.

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  1. Amelia, Great going with your outfit and free shoes! And the skirt--don't you love those pieces of clothing of unknown brandage that just last forever and seem to work for every occasion?

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Wow, $2! And great shoe story.

  3. That shoe story is hilars. And go you on the overall price tag of your look — WOW!

  4. I love your shoe story!

    No pinching for you today! You both look lovely in your lime!

    Enjoy your day!

  5. The shoe story is all about God's provision my friend. That is awesome! Your thrifting skills are tremendous. You look great!

  6. Love the skirt and the story behind the outfit!


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