Sunday, March 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday..A Windy, Humid Palm Sunday

Linking up again for another WIWS. It's a windy, HUMID, HUMID, HUMID Palm Sunday here. The temperature isn't too bad, and the breeze feels nice, but the air is so thick you could slice it. And, the humidity wreaks havoc on my hair...I hate humidity. I can't complain too much's been an AWESOME spring so far...not too hot and still lots of cool days. I think the same weather pattern that has been giving all my northeast friends tons of snow and cold weather...has been giving us a super, awesome, nice, cool, beautiful March, so I'm happy with it!. I'll go clean out my inbox for all the hate mail I'm sure to get now.

So, here's the pic.  Definitely not one of my favorites..,,but here it is. I prefer dressing for cooler/colder weather because I love wearing layers and boots and jeans...but I HATE to be hot..  And, today promises to be a hot, humid one.

Yeah..that tree looks a bit weird in the first glance I seem to blend in with it..which is NOT a good look..makes me look HUGE.  Why doesn't my photographer point this these things out?  Oh yeah..because she's 11.

Tank Top: Thrifted
Shirt: No clue where I got it from?  I think it was in a bag of clothes someone once tossed my way.
Skirt:  You can't tell from the pic...but this skirt is actually really cute and has little white polka dots on it.  They don't show up well, though.   I think I bought this skirt several years ago..not sure where  possibly Wal-Mart???
Shoes:  Given to me by someone passing on a bunch of clothes.

As you can tell, I seem to be quite blessed with other people throwing clothes at me!  People are awesome!

In other nice things that happened Mass an elderly, bossy lady gave the kids rosaries with St. Joseph prayer cards (St. Joe is our fav. saint) and  a young lad gave my kids palms-already turned into crosses. Which is great..because for the life of me, I can NEVER turn palms into crosses myself.  Never.  No matter how many instructionals I look at, the palm cross eludes me.

 No go visit FLAP to see what all the better dressed bloggers are wearing.
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  1. how pretty those colors look on you! Is the purple lacy bit peaking out the tank top? What a lovely layering detail.

    1. Thanks! Yes, the lighter purple on the top is a tank top/camisole.

  2. Amelia, you look lovely. I can't see the dots on the skirt, but I can imagine how nice they look. ;-) And I am only slightly extremely jealous of your warm weather.

  3. That purple is lovely on you! I tried the palms into crosses today. NOT an easy task!!!

  4. The purple looks great! I can relate to having to dress for warmer weather while Facebook and blog friends are bundled up in pretty sweaters and wearing great boots. My poor children don't really know palms can be made into crosses. I need to learn!


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