Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Five Favorites

The BBC Period Drama...Call the Midwife.  I'm in the middle of watching Season 1 on Netflix, and am highly enjoying it!  It's about a young, newly qualified midwife who moves into a convent (thinking it's a hospital) in the East End of London (an impoverished area).  Highly entertaining..and lots of great birth scenes...but even better it offers some great insights into love and life..and there are some really profound moments.

-Super, easy-peasy, flourless peanut butter cookies.  The recipe is a cinch..just mix 1 cup peanut butter, 1 egg and 1 cup sugar.  Form into balls, flatten with a fork at and bake at 350 for 10 minutes.  So, so, so easy and yummy and good. 

Not my cookie...I found this picture on morgue file.  My cookies don't last long enough to take a picture.

Amelia's super secret, super easy, versatile, mix and match marinade/sauce.   Except it's not a secret anymore because I'm about to share it with you.  Aren't you sooooooooo excited!  I use this sauce on chicken and rice all the time and I always make it a bit differently and it always tastes delish.

The general gist is to mix 1 part acid (vinegar or lemon juice) with 1 part condiment (ketchup or mustard) and 1 part sweetener (honey or molasses).   Add in various other spices like salt, curry, pepper and you have an awesome marinade for chicken and rice.   Just pour it over your chicken while cooking and it imparts a delicious flavor and keeps the chicken really, really moist. 


The cooling rain on a hot, humid, sticky day in Fl.  
I almost let out a huge Hallelujah when I walked out of Publix today and felt the drops. 


Upcycling old jeans into cute, little purses.   Yes..I made this.  Aren't you proud of me?

Now, go visit Hallie at Moxie Wife, swoon over pics of her newborn and see some more favorites.

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  1. Love that purse, yes, so cute!
    I have been wanting to watch the midwife.
    Trying your chicken sause, like tonight!


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