Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Not So Quick, Boring takes Friday.

Another week, another 7 Quick Takes Friday.


So, we're moving in about a month.  Elsa is 7 months now and will be 8  months when we move.  She and I had a nice little chat about how mommy doesn't want to babyproof the house and how it would be best if she didn't learn how to crawl before we move.

Do you think she listened?

Now..she can't crawl..yet.  Yet..being the operative word..because despite our little talk she is doing her darndnest to go ahead and crawl anyway.  Hopefully this not too indicative of things to come. 


Anyone's kids have a blog?.  I just noticed on Facebook that a friend's son started a blog and I thinking my girls would love something like that too.    It would be someplace they could store their stories and poems and keep them for all posterity.    Greta, especially is a very prolific I think she would love something like that...and I'm always looking for new ways to store their stories...I feel bad throwing them away, but we sure can't keep every single piece of paper.  And, I just used way too many ellipses. 


Anyone care to explain twitter to me?   I keep trying to use it and keep getting with the whole hashtag thing?  What the heck are hashtags for? And, is there some list, or do you just make them up or whatever.  And, what's the point of them anyway?  I don't get it. 


I'm changing some parts of our homeschool curriculum for next year.  Again.  I seem to change something, like every year.   Yawn, yawn. 


I'm sure this is weird, but I always feel sorta embarrassed when people I know IRL mention my blog.  Like, obviously the point of a blog is for people to read it...but knowing that people I KNOW are reading it always makes me feel a bit strange.  Surprisingly enough, this post, was rather popular, which makes me happy that people liked and mentioned it...but I always feel just a tiny bit awkward too.  Not strange enough for me to stop blogging's too much fun.  Ah..the weird and wonderful world of social media.


So, I've been reading a series of posts on various blogs this weeks where people are aruging,  discussing over whether it's appropriate to take babies and young children to Mass and whether there is an obligation to take them or not.  Honestly, it seems like a pretty silly thing to argue over, because it never occurred to me NOT to take young children/babies to Mass...I mean what else are you going to do with them?  But then, I have a tendency to take my babies to places most people don't (like to a "sorta banquet" Ben and I went to last night), so I really can't imagine leaving them home.


I think these are the most boring quick takes ever. 

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  1. I use twitter and I totally haven't figured out how I'm supposed to. I just randomly use hashtags that I see and then wonder if I'm doing it right.

  2. #5 Yes, and it is awkward when they disagree with you and they let you know. Lovely time to share the faith, but whoa it was crazy! I was surprised how calm I was.

  3. I'm so sorry, but not boring! Maybe that is because I'm nosey, but I love people's everyday lives. And I'll def be emailing you about the area, thanks in advance!

  4. Re: kids blog - GREAT idea. Awesome way for kids to share their writings and such; just obviously make sure you monitor it. And give them the ability to delete what they want...some of things I wrote as a kid I happily threw away later.

    Re: twitter - I LOVE TWITTER. Hashtags are a way to communicate without putting something in the body of your message OR a way to link your tweet to a broader conversation. You can click on a hashtag and see every tweet someone has tagged with that hashtag. So click on '#prolife' and then you can see all tweets tagged prolife. Conversely, you can use them to communicate subtexts to your tweet. As in "I just gave my kids cereal for dinner #momfail" - the hashtag here communicates how you feel about your actions. You could change the feel of the tweet by using a different tag, i.e., '#winning' or '#thisisnotthefirsttime.' Everything has to run together on a hashtag though; no separation for words. so not #this is not the first time. :)

    Hope that helps. I have found twitter to be the best source for breaking news and a great way to find information quickly. Twitter and google are my two favorite internet uses. Happy tweeting!! (and follow me - @MJROFL)


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