Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

 Thanks to Grace at Camp Patton for hosting this weeks 7QTF while Jen at Conversion Diary is dealing with her newborn in the NICU.   Pray for Jen and baby Joseph and their family


My cute little coffee maker broke because a certain someone who shall remain nameless put the coffee grounds in the water part.  So, I am coffee-less.  How is a mama to cope?


And, I accidently erased all the books and apps off our kindle fire and restored it to factory settings.  How one can do that accidently I do not there should be like a quadruple password protected way to prevent that from happening.   So, now I am undertaking the LONG process of putting them all back on and organizing the books by which child for whom they are appropriate.  Fun times. 


And, how do you spell accidently?  My browser keeps screaming with lovely red underlining that the word is misspelled..but when I right-click on it, it only offers me the word identically.   Whatever Firefox.  Modern Manner Guy uses the spelling accidently, so what's good enough for MMG is good enough for me.  Plus, says accidently is an acceptable alternative spelling of I'm sticking with it.  

I let John use the Ipod yesterday to take now I have a whole bunch of blurry pics of our messy house with fingers half blocking them,...but never fear...I shall spare you from those terrible pictures.  And, just show you these cute ones instead.

Sorry..just tilt your head to look at this one. 


Oh..and my laptop is broken I have absconded with the kids' laptop;..because that's my mama privilege to do so.   And, don't you just love the word abscond?  I'm sure my 9th grade English teacher would be so proud. 


As long as our minivan keeps chugging along. (at least for 2 more months)..I'll be happy.  Who's the patron saint of old, on their last legs, broken down, automobiles?  Anyone know?

And this concludes my super quick, quick takes. 


  1. Our minivan is pushing ten years now. We don't travel a lot in it though, living in the city. Everything is under a few miles, the supermarket is in walking distance.

    1. Yeah..our minivan is 13 years old now..and we live in the 'burbs so unfortunately we have to drive it a lot. I sometimes dream of living in a city, where we don't have to depend on a car so much.

  2. My kids love to sneak and take pics with my iphone. There fingers are always in the pic and half the time they are taking them of me nursing Hope!

  3. We go with Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, since I remember reading somewhere once that she's the patron saint of Machines! And she has been appealed to many times to keep our 99 Town and Country chugging along.

  4. #2: No coffee, oh no! I was at Goodwill yesterday, and they had several coffee makers for cheap, including an espresso maker AND a French press. So maybe check the thrift store?

    #4: Funny! I never had thought about the two different spellings, but I think I always use accidentally. Word Press's spell check is similarly narrow-minded though. :-P


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