Monday, April 1, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac (CWA)

Happy Easter Monday!!

And, Happy April Fool's Day to those of you clever enough to play tricks.

Today I am:

Thankful for:

......My Mom, who sent us these lovely Easter candies...including my absolute favorite..chocolate truffles  There are also 3 chocolate ballerinas (not actually an upside down female symbol as they might look like int he pic.), a cross, 1 chocolate car and 2 peanut butter eggs!  Yum!!

If one were to look very, very closely at this picture, one might just find that a few of the truffles are missing.  That might, just might be that a certain someone who shall remain nameless couldn't resist trying a few, before snapping the picture!

They just arrived today..which was perfect because then I didn't need to have any willpower before jumping right in to indulge. 

...good friends...who had us and several other families over for a super fun Easter lunch/egg hunt yesterday.


....Rapunzel, Let Down  by Regina Doman..who is my absolute favorite Catholic author.   I bought myself the Kindle version for only $5..and it's a real page turner.  Hard to put down!    When I finish it, I'll try to post a book review.

In the kitchen:

...baking a ham.  Since we weren't home yesterday, I'm making us ham today.  I only  make ham twice a year..on Christmas and Easter, but it is the one meat that everyone likes (hmmm...wonder why).  It's not the healthiest thing I only make it twice a year and we enjoy it for a week, and then it's gone.   I actually looked in Whole Foods for a healthier version without any nitrates, and almost fainted at their we just went with the regular, unhealthy, nitrate-laden version.  Oh well.   I have a friend who taught me that every time we say grace before eating and bless the food, we should pray that God will protect us from any pesticides, GMO's nitrates or whatever other junk is in there.   I have another friend who always prays that the calories don't stick to her hips..but that seems..ummm...not quite orthodox to me, so I don't do that.

Playing Tricks:

....I'm terrible at April Fool's day tricks, but I did manage to convince my kids for some time that I had set cockroach traps in the garage, captures a male and female and was planning on starting a whole roach farm that I was going to keep in their beds.  They were quite aghast at the concept...and kept protesting to keep roaches in their bed and that no, roaches are NOT cute.  

Praying For:

....friends who need prayers...due to sickness or various other issue
.....for Ben to find a job and for the bar exam.


...cute pics.

....topics for future blog posts.  I have so many rambling around in my head...just need to write them.  

Now go visit Suscipio for more CWA.

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  1. Amelia,
    I love your posts.
    I love that you ate a few truffles AND that you played a trick on your children. I am not so whitty, though my son apparently called his father at some point to try to convince him he'd broken his arm on the trampoline. haha stinker!

    I will add GMO's to our prayer before dinner. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. Ah, truffles, the royalty of candies. Ha ha, I agree: roaches are NOT cute! I like how your little ones gamely smile for your camera. A blessed Easter to you and yours!


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