Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Favorites

Linking up again with Jen who hijacked Hallie's blog for Five Favorites on a sunny, hot, Wednesday afternoon.


 This book.  You should totally read it!  However, despite the's not a kid's book and only for mature teens and adults. 


And, you should read aforementioned book on your Kindle.

Because I love, love, love ours.  There is nothing better than having an entire library at your fingertips that only weighs a few ounces.  And, Ben is a genius at finding free kindle books or books very we've got a nice library going. 


Nettle leaves...because nettle is a super powerhouse of nutrition and you can totally buy organic nettle cheaply and make your own nettle infusion.   Place one cup of dried nettle in a large mason jar.  Cover with boiling water and let steep over night.  Strain, store in fridge and drink one cup a day!  Tons of nutrients are are contained within that one cup of liquid.


Sweet Onion Mashed potatoes.  I can't link to a recipe because I just made it up myself.  Basically, when you boil your potatoes to make mashed potatoes, add in 1 whole, sweet onion.  It gets soft and then you just mash it with the potatoes (and LOTS of butter of course and Real Salt).  It adds an awesome flavor!  Try it!


Major, major sales!  I found these on sale for only 25 cents!  That's like 90% off or something. Totally stocked up...which means lots of muffin and cookie baking will be going on in Household Bentrup.

Now, go visit the others for more 5 Favorites!

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  1. I had no idea about the Nettle tea. I will have to try that. I love my Kindle as well. I will be looking for the book. I am a HUGE fan of Regina Doman's.

  2. I love my Kindle, too! I recently got my paperwhite and it's awesome! I still have the Kindle app on my Android tablet, but let's be honest, the e-paper technology beats reading any other screen.

    Also the onion and potatoes mash sounds delicious!

  3. I have heard so many good things about the Rapunzel story, I can't wait. Love my Kindle too!


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