Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Check out that scenery. Goooorgeous!


 Why yes, I do dress my baby up in a bathing suit and lay her on the bed to take pictures.  Doesn't everyone?  Actually, I took this picture to show off her chubby thighs.  Our pediatrician was harping on me the other day that she should be eating three solid meals of solids a day at the tender age of 6 months.  Whatevah.  Clearly...those thighs demonstrate how starving she is.  Her belly is no flat pancake fact it kinda resembles that of a famous fat man whose name starts with a B and has a religion named after him.


Notice the first sentence.  This is Greta's.  She meant to write Jack is, and  why yes, she DOES know how to spell the word is and use it properly, but apparently she was going too fast and accidentally wrote this.  And, just to be clear...we don't use profanity in this house..and she has probably never really heard the term jack was just a SUPER funny I'm linking up with Theme Thursday: Funny


This is Elsa, quietly destroying Greta's perfectly arranged doll house.  When we sit Elsa in front of the doll-house..she is in baby grab and play with everything heaven.

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  1. LOL - that is one of the greatest writing mistakes ever!! :-)

    3 full solids meals a day at 6 months? Pfft. That certainly wasn't the case in my house! In fact, my oldest didn't even start solids until 7 months! Hooray for you for doing it your way, and for the awesome baby rolls on that adorable baby.

  2. Okay, I think I have seen that written around my house too, and maybe I have just freaked out a little too much and should have taken it for granted that they were writing Jack is.

    And your baby is awesomely beautiful. Three meals a day??? Your doc is crazy.

  3. Oh my gosh, "Jackass caring for Rose". I'm dying. Mostly because I'm a child, and swearing cracks me up. Also, reading children's narratives makes me happy.

  4. So funny! This will be a memory that never fades!


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