Thursday, April 25, 2013

{Pretty Skies, Happy, Funny and Real}

Doing a 2 for 1 deal and linking up for both PHFR and Theme: Thursday in one little post.

{Pretty Skies}

Cari's theme for this Thursday is sky.  So, I grabbed my trusty Heidi's trusty camera and headed outside.   Got some real purty pictures here. 

I love the way the moon is showing through the palm trees (which as I mentioned before aren't technically trees).

Lots of dense foliage.

Palm trees in the early morning sky.


Happiness is playing in the rain. 


Going on a the cooler all packed.


When you feed yourself mashed sometimes get a bit on the nose.

or on your eyes and chin

No, go visit LMLD for more PHFR.

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  1. Oh my goodness, babies in our house always find themselves in the most peculiar places. Life is an adventure before you can even walk!

  2. Happiness IS playing in the rain...and in the cooler! Great pictures!

  3. Messy babies are the best... I like the moon-through-the-trees shot, too!

  4. Just making sure you don't forget her, mom :-) Oh, how I miss the sight of children trying to feed themselves or just attempting to be independent in general.

  5. Cutest packed cooler I've ever seen!


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