Thursday, April 18, 2013

Theme Thursday: Boy and Man

Most of these pictures will have to be of a singular we only have one in this household (so far), but when people look at our family and say such nice things like, Poor John, all alone with all those sisters  he's quick to point out that Daddy is a boy too. 


This pictures is about 3 years old.  They are wearing matching Big Guy/ Little Guy sweatshirts..but the Little Guy does NOT enjoy posing.

Is there anything cuter than a little boy babe in a baseball hat?

John's full name is John de la Croix we have all these pictures of him as a baby, posing with a cross.  That's got to like guarantee that he becomes a priest..right?

And, I'm including this photo so I can pretend I'm all artsy and took advantage of the light and the shadows and used a different perspective and all that all that.

If he's not a priest, he'll be an architect.

And lastly, boy meet dirt.  Boy happy in dirt.

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  1. Love that chunky picture in the car seat! Nothing like baby chub :)

  2. Love his full name. And yes, totally guarantees priesthood :)!


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