Thursday, April 11, 2013

Theme Thursday: Grow

There is a lot of growing going on around here!

From plants:

Those are mini eggplants from 2011.  Aren't they cute.  Yes, I'm showing a pic that's two years old.  Right now, the  only thing I have growing in my little grow box is weeds (and don't worry, the weeds are not weed).  Ha!

To kids:

Don't you just love Heidi's expression.? She is 11 and wears my clothes and shoe size (9 BTW for shoes..I'm not giving out my clothing size).  Greta is 8 and John is 5.  

And since today is her 7 month birthday..we  have to showcase Elsa.  Growing, growing way too fast.

Feels like she was just born yesterday.

And of course, we have piles of stuff that are growing.

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  1. Elsa's expression while chewing on the book. Dying. "Heck yeah, I'm chewing on the book. That's how I do!"

  2. The egg plants are adorable! Yeah, and all I have growing are weeds, too.

    Kids grow way too fast, yours are precious, enjoy them while you can.


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