Sunday, April 7, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday! I just love the image of Divine Mercy...because heaven knows..we could all use more Mercy.  Thinking about God's Mercy, reminds me to be more merciful with my children. 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled topic...What I Wore Sunday. 'Cause I know you are just dying to know what I wore to Mass today..okay, maybe not.  But, posting these helps me be more mindful of my outfit and dressing up a bit nicer on Sunday for Mass, reminds me that it is a special day.

So, here it is!

I apologize for the weird angle. You'll just have to tilt your head to look at the picture.  My photographer thought it would be funny to hold the camera upside down.   Whatevah.  Since she is  just an amateur and works for free, I can't complain too much.

Shirt and Tank: Shade Clothing.  Purchased with a gift card given to me after the birth of Elsa.  If you're reading this..THANKS CMs!
Skirt: Given to me from a friend who "would never fit into it again".  This skirt is a repeat from a WIWS a few weeks ago.
Shoes: Given to my 2 years ago from our neighbor when they moved.

I love it when other people give me their clothes...especially when they are moving away.  Wearing that item, always reminds me of that person and makes me think of them!

And, then there is this:

It's kinda a blurry picture, but that is a St. Francis of Assis Medal that was blessed by Pope Francis!! Jealous??  I stole it am wearing it for safekeeping for my son.  My friend's husband was in Rome for the conclave and he brought back blessed medals for all the children in our homeschool coop. Yay!!   The girls happily wear theirs, but John doesn't want to wear his. Necklaces are for girls.  I tried to tell him that's not true..but there's no arguing with a 5 year old.  So, I'm keeping it for him..and the safest place for me to do that, is around my there it is!

So, that's what I wore.  Go visit FLAP to see what everyone else wore today!

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  1. What a special medal! I am a little jealous! :)

  2. You've got to love free clothes! I'm still waiting on someone to give me some. :)

  3. Lookin' classy there Amelia, and yes, I am jealous of your medal. :-)

  4. Love! It's so difficult to find a nice denim skirt. They're so versatile!

    SUCH a cool medal! I agree, keeping it around one's neck is the safest place for it. :)

  5. I love hand me downs for the same reason! My favorite scarf was a hand me down from a coworker and I think of her and pray for her every time I wear it, which is quite a lot. Um, I won't tell you how jealous I am of your (son's) medal. What a thoughtful and special gift, and an even better way to ensure its safekeeping. ;) I love the whole ensemble!

  6. I love the medal! So neat that it is blessed by Pope Francis. I like your shirt too!

  7. I too love getting clothes from others for the very same reason, that I always think of them when wearing the item. Happy Easter!

  8. What. Totally jealous. Plus, I love your outfit. The skirt, especially, is killing me as I'm looking for one similar. To be cliche, I don't think they make them like that anymore.

  9. Soooooo jealous. So very jealous.


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