Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yet another WIWS Post

Yes, yes, I  know you've all just been waiting with baited breath to find out What I Wore Sunday.  Well wait no longer.  Here it is..

Exciting huh?  Not!  No bling today.   No belt accessories.  Nothing exciting at all.  I do have a cute little baby accessory though...and the ever present leaves photobomb because I take every picture in the exact same spot every week.  Boring, much?

It was either that picture, or this picture...where it looks like Elsa and I are about to be consumed by a huge solar flare.  Thankfully, we weren't.

So, here's the details on WIWS.

Shirt: Guess where? Wal-Mart.  Guess how much?  $2 on clearance.  I know it seems like I shop at Wal-Mart all the time.  I only go there because the girls' piano teacher lives right around the corner from a Wal-Mart, so when I drop them off for piano lessons, I tend to pop in real quick..and find clearance deals that I just CAN'T.PASS.UP.  Actually I love this black it really was an awesome deal. 

Tank Top:  thrifted from a LONG time ago

Skirt: thrifted from an even longer time ago

Shoes:  Stolen from payless. No, not really stolen.  You can read the whole story here

Glasses:  Zenni-optical.  But not my usual glasses.  I have a bunch of pairs, all with the same prescription   So, I decided to go for a change today. Ho-hum.

Adorable Baby: fell out of my uterus 7 months, 2 weeks and 3 days ago.  About 1 month after Elsa was born, I was out walking with her one day and this women stopped me (who I used to see on walks/runs regularly but hadn't seen her in awhile..several months probably) stopped me and was all "Where did she come from?" I'm was just all "uhhhhh" and she was like "She's not yours is she?". Tempted as I was to say "Oh, no, I stole her from Wal-Mart.", I just said "uhhhh, yeah." kinda sheepishly.  Then she was all. "YOU WERE PREGNANT??" and I just all "Umm, yes."    It was a very odd conversation, as the-woman-who-I-see-while-out-jogging-but-hadn't-seen-in-several-months was quite shocked that I had been pregnant and had a baby.  I'm not sure why she found that so shocking...people who jog have babies too, ya know?  And, I don't really have a point in telling it, other than I wanted to make this blog post more interesting with a funny story.  So, there ya go.  And, it probably wasn't even that funny. 

Baby Elsa's Outfit:  dress and diaper cover were both handed down to us from a friend. 

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  1. You look classic! And I laughed at your story...too funny!

  2. Haha love the solar flare comment... And that story! Maybe you carried so well during and looked so great afterwards that she couldn't believe you'd had a baby AND recovered so quickly!

  3. You look great! And your convo is cracking me up!!!

  4. Oh NO SOlar flare!! Happens to me all the time. LOL! You look lovely, classic and classy as always. I wish I had a "baby accessory"...sigh...I will have to wait for grandbabies.


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