Sunday, May 26, 2013

WIWS and Broken Bones and Hospital Rants

So, it's my last WIWS in Florida.  The last time you'll see a picture of me in front of the same ole' tree.  You can look forward to seeing my picture in front of a DIFFERENT tree next week.  Oh the excitement never ends on this little blog of mine. 

If I look a bit tired in this picture, it's because I've been up since 3:45 AM.  Last night, I was awakened out of bed by a very loud thump.  

Heidi had rolled off the top bunk in her sleep.  We've had those bunkbeds for years, and they used to be my sisters' bunkbeds and as far as I know, no one has ever fallen out before.  But, there is always a first time for everything.   So, now we need to put a rail or something up there. 

Anyway, she was in a lot of pain from her shoulder and wrist, so I took her to the ER.  Broken clavicle.  Perfect timing.  We were supposed to leave on Tues., but now we may need to push that back, because I need to get a follow-up appointment for her to be seen before we go.   Really, really hoping they can get us in on Tues.  Naturally, these things always occur over a holiday weekend, where everyone is closed on Monday.  Naturally.

And, naturally the ER gave her Tylenol with Codeine without my permission while she was out of the room getting the x-ray, which ticks me off because now she feels nauseous from it and they didn't even ASK me or her if she wanted it...they just gave it to her (she didn't want it and was so relieved when I said she didn't have to take any more).   I can remember getting Tylenol with Codeine when I broke my foot back in college, and honestly I though the codeine and nauseous out of it feeling was worse than the pain from the  broken bone.   I just hate it how medical professionals treat people without actually discussing the treatment with them (or the parents) beforehand.  It's one of my biggest pet peeves....I mean I can see them doing that in a life or death situation, if someone just had a heart attack or something...but this was not a situation like that.  They SHOULD have discussed the pain medication with us beforehand instead of just giving it to her when she was out of the room getting the x-ray.  It's like as soon as you walk through a hospital door, they expect you to check your brain outside and they make all the decisions and do all the thinking for you.   Hate that.  
Sorry..that's my rant for the day. 

So now, I'll get onto the point of this post...WIWS..or more accurately what I threw on super quickly to make it to 8 AM Mass.

Shirt: Newport News
Skirt:  Given to me (this is one of my favorite skirts.  I love the ruffles, but I'm sure the always look bad because I never iron and they are getting frayed...but I love it anyway).
Shoes: Payless
Glasses: Zenni

Elsa's adorable dress that you can't see because she is turned away from the camera was given to us. 

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Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday: 3-D Printable Pizzas, Guns and Sunsets at the Beach

Happy Friday!!


Have you seen the news about the 3-D printers that can print a pizza?  Just put your nutrients into the cartridge, press a button and out pops a pizza.
Does anyone else think that sounds like a really nasty idea.  Call me old-fashioned, but I like my pizza made with real real tomatoes that grow on real vines and real cheese that comes from real milk from a real cow that ate real grass.

Oh..and the experiment to make this is funded by NASA...ya know, just in case the astronauts who decide to go to Mars want pizza...they can just print one out.


Apparently you can print a real gun that actually fires too.  

Is it just me, or does this seem like a really bad idea.

Does the thought,  just because you can, doesn't mean you should come to anyone else's mind?


And, if they can invent a printer that prints a real pizza or a real come they STILL haven't invented flying cars?


Or self-cleaning houses?  Why doesn't anyone invent anything really self-washing dishes or self-vacuuming floors?


4 days until M-day (moving day!).   Yikes!


Last night we went to the beach, one last time.  I love going to the beach in the evenings.   Does anyone else get sun migraines from being on the beach in direct sunlight during the day?  I I prefer not to go during the morning/early afternoon, but after 4:00 or 5:00, I love it.


We stayed until watching the sun set over the Gulf Coast.

See Jen for more 7QTK.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Theme Thursday: Bodies

When I first heard that this week's Theme Thursday topic was bodies, I was all huh, in dead bodies, like when the heroine of a mystery novel finds "a body" or the cops are all "I found the body"  Isn't that a bit macabre..don't have any of those hanging around. 

That probably just goes to show that I read too many mystery novels and watch too much Monk and Law & Order and Murder She Wrote and Columbo

Then I starting thinking of other bodies...but all I had was my Ipod camera since our other one is currently not working, so I apologize for the extremely bad photographs. 

Piles of (live) bodies:

Using your body for interesting things:

They were trying to make an A here, but the short line across kept crawling away.

And, then of course, there is bodies of water with (live) bodies playing in it.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Five Favorites in Florida

Since our time as Florida residents is limited to about 6 more days (sob, sob), I'm going with a Florida theme and listing my five favorite things about living in Fl.


These are the people in your neighborhood, 
in your neighborhood, 
in your neighborhood
These are the people in your neighborhood
The people that you meet when you go walking down the street
The people that you meet each day. 

I LOVED living on campus during Ben's time at law school.  It's the first time we've ever really known our neighbors, and it was so much fun to hang outside in the evenings and chat it up while the kids run around playing.   I really loved the community we had here and knowing all our neighbors.


Homeschool groups.  
Naples is such a homeschool friendly town and there are such big homeschool groups, we've loved, love, loved being a part of.  We've made some really awesome friends, that we're really going to miss. (sob, sob) When my mom came down after Elsa was born, she was so impressed with the community here.  I had so many people dropping off GLUTEN-FREE meals for us...I didn't cook dinner for practically a whole month after she was born. 

It's the people here, who've really  made our time so enjoyable. 


I know I've listed this in my five favorite before, but I love the fact that everyone and their brother has swimming pools, so we've gotten lots of chances to swim here in Fl.  So much fun.


The Gulf Coast
Gorgeous white sand, clear beautiful water.  Much as I love the craggy, rocky New England beach where I grew up, it just can't compare to the warm, clear, water and white sand of the Gulf Coast.

Flip Flops all year round!  
Love the fact that you can wear flip flops 12 months out of the year. 

Not my feet, not my flip flops. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Ten Commandments Babies Live By

Rosie wrote a really amusing blog post called Nursing Rules for Babies so I figured I take a break from mad packing and channel my own inner baby and blog what Elsa would no doubt be blogging about if her 8-month old fingers were capable of typing. 

The Ten Commandments Babies Live By


Thou shalt eat only that which is unclean...that which is found on the ground, or under the bed or in the dirt.   Sand, leaves, sticks and paper are especially good and are given to thou by God above for thy consumption. 


Thou shalt toss onto the ground or smash into thy hair any food which is presented on a spoon or on a tray.  Food is to be eaten directly from the ground.


Thou shalt sharpen thy newly formed teeth on they mother's breast while drinking her sweet milk.


Thou shalt laugh and smile endearingly when thy mother shrieks out in pain after sharpening thy teeth on her breast while drinking the sweet milk. 


Thou shalt keep thy parents from being too attached to material possessions.  All expensive riches are to be banged on, knocked over or spill liquid upon them.   All paper or books are to be torn or eaten or chewed. 


Thou shalt not nap longer than 20 minutes alone.


Unless thy parents are waiting for you to wake up to go someplace..then thou shalt nap for 3 hours.


Tbou shalt always stretch they arms to grab whatever is just out of thy reach..especially that which is dangerous.


Thou shall keep thy mother well-groomed by the pulling of her hair.


Thou shalt keep thy parents arms strong by crying to be picked up and put down 500 million times each and every one of thy days.

And, a bonus 11th.

Thou shalt survive because of thy cuteness.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Pentecost

Happy Pentecost Sunday!!

A super, super nice thing happened to us at Mass today. Someone gave us a very generous check/gift (I assume for graduation)..super, super sweet of them.  I'm almost positive this person doesn't read my blog..but if you do...THANK YOU!!

Sadly, I did not wear red today....possibly because the only red articles of clothing I have are red sweaters or a red sleeveless shirt...neither of which are appropriate for a Latin Mass in Florida in May.   Or possibly, because I forgot it was Pentecost when I got dressed.   

Elsa did wear red today...possibly because I remembered it was Pentecost and dressed her in red on purpose...or possibly because I just happened to grab a red dress to put on her.  

Speaking of Elsa, she gets a B+ for Mass behavior today.  She started out doing really well, just sitting on our laps and playing with a toy.  Then she started playing the drop-the-toy-and-make-the-gentleman-next-to-us-pick-it-up-50-times-game.   So, I took her in the back for the rest of Mass and she was very good. 

Ben did wear red today.  Probably because he dressed in red on purpose for Pentecost.

No one else wore red, possibly because we all forgot. 

So this is my non-red outfit for Pentecost Sunday.

Supper flattering picture, no??  I have no idea why blogger is making my picture spread out and look like I'm 300 pounds.  Blogger must be trying to teach my humility.

Ha...but I got you'll have to do better than that!  This is what I actually looked like.  I had to upload my picture to Shutterfly first and now it's coming up normal. 


Sweater:  Wal-Mart
Tank Top: Shade Clothing
Skirt: Given to me from a friend who moved away last year
Shoes: Given to me
Glasses: Zenni

I apologize (to you and everyone at Mass today) for the wrinkles in my skirt.  You see, my iron is all packed up.   Oh, who am I kidding...I wouldn't have ironed it anyway.  I'm allergic to ironing.   I blame my mom for passing on the anti-ironing gene.  My mom is probably shocked  to hear that I even own an iron (I do..I just don't use it). 

So, go see what all the other non-wrinkled bloggers (who probably do own an iron and actually use it) are wearing at Fine Linen and Purple
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Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Take Friday


Just call me handy(wo)man Amelia.  Our keyboard (which the girls use like a piano for piano lessons and to practice), had a broken power cord.  I have NO IDEA how this happened, but somehow all the wires fell out and were exposed and one broke.  It was the most bizarre thing ever...I have no clue what happened, but you could see the circuit board and thingamabobs and everything. .  But, anyway, ingenious me took the power cord from our electric drill (which we use..umm....never) and plugged it into the keyboard and it works.  Yay.  


And, speaking of things breaking, I just wanted to say how awesomely magnanimous Ben was about the fact that a certain child who shall remained nameless who was supposed to be watching a certain baby who shall also remain nameless while a certain mother who shall remain nameless was packing, let said baby spill a certain substance which shall remain nameless (some call it Diet Coke, but I prefer the term poison) on his laptop keyboard and now the keys don't work.   


You know how you might think you have a difficult child, until you have another child that shows you what difficult really is., that's Elsa. 

This picture illustrates it perfectly.

Yes, the 8-month old is kicking the 5-year old in the head.   You can just tell that she's thinking. I may be the youngest, but ain't nobody gonna boss me around. 

Things are moving along for the move.  We sold our couches, which means we have nothing to sit on....but I really like the empty space.   I think I just want to stay couch-free.   Actually, I think I just want to stay everything free.   I'd be totally happy living in an empty house with nothing in clutter, no mess...aaah...a girl can dream. 


And, while I was writing this, Elsa almost killed herself by pulling herself up to standing on a little night-stand and almost tipping it over.  Thankfully, it's sturdy enough and she's not strong enough to totally tip it over.    Now, I'm off to somehow secure that.  Or,  maybe I'll just get rid of it...more empty space. 


I learned this week through a Facebook discussion that swiffer cleaning pads and maxipads are made by the same company.  Therefore, I can just strap maxipads to my baby's legs and she can clean the floor as she crawls across.


And, I can't think of anything else to write, so I'll just say...please pray for us.  We are just a bit stressed right now, with the move and job searching and all that.  Thanks my dear readers!

And, go see Jen for more 7QTK

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Theme Thursday: Animals

This weeks Theme Thursday is Animals. of my favorite topics.  I basically think there are two types of people in this people and non-pet people.  We are definitely pet people.  I was an animal science major in college and for a long time wanted to be a vet, before realizing that I'm NOT cut out the handle the stress of that.   So, I ended up going to graduate school instead and studying reproductive physiology of dairy cows. can actually study that.    This involved spending lots of time wearing long gloves with my arm up the wrong end up of a cow, feeling or ultra-sounding her ovaries.   Fun times, I tell you. 

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of that, so I shall not subject you, dear readers, to such an atrocity.

Instead I shall tell you the tale of a striped, orange cat. 

It was a rainy night, that night back in May, 2008.  I casually strolled into the kitchen, in search of a bedtime snack, unaware of the horror my eyes were about to see.   I was just reaching for a glass, when I saw IT.  A small brown thing scurrying across the floor.  I screamed in horror, dropping the glass.   That was the beginning of the stuff nightmares are made of.  A horrific mouse infestation.  We set traps out, we cleaned, we disinfected.  I HATE mice.   And, the very next day, I ran right out to our local animal shelter and picked out a big, orange, striped cat.  

We named him William, after this delightful children's story. 

William is always getting into trouble. 

William is polydactyl.

William has sneaked out of the house several times...but the prodigal cat has always returned. 

William has never actually caught a mouse...but we love him anyway. 

Isn't he a handsome cat??  And, yes, that is the refrigerator he is on top of!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Five Favorites

Time for another Five Favorites!


This little blog of mine.  Is that totally narcissistic and vain to list my blog as one of my favorites??  Well it is, not that I think my blog is all that great or anything, it's definitely not. No, but because I enjoy blogging and writing so much...I never really knew how much I enjoyed it, until I started doing it.    So, even though this blog is definitely not one of the great blogs of the internet, it is MINE, and the place where I can ramble on about whatever I want, and oddly enough, (a few) people actually read it.  Plus, I've made new friends through blogging, so that's always fun as well.


Rewards Points.  Our credit card gives us reward points for every purchase.  I know a lot of people are all into the "cash-only" system, but I love our credit card, because it gives us reward points. We put basically every purchase on it, (gas, groceries, auto insurance, etc.).  I always, always, always pay it off IN FULL every month, so we never carry a balance and never have to pay interest, but we still get reward points.  It's win-win.   Last year, I got this (except mine is green).

photo from

.  This year, I just got this!  

photo from

Can't wait until we get it.   Our current camera is old and unreliable and eats batteries like you wouldn't believe.  So excited to upgrade slightly...and now you can all look forward to even more boring pictures of my kids. 


And, speaking of reward points, Ben used reward points he got from Lexis Nexis and West Law to get me a food processor.  Wasn't that swell of him?  And, we also got a $100 Amazon Gift card.  Yippee., 


If you don't search using swagbucks...well you are just crazy.  I installed the toolbar on my browser, and every time I type in some inane search like 

How to remove turmeric stains from counter-tops?

is (insert common symptom here) a sign of cancer of (insert random body part here)?


How to roast a turkey in under an hour?


babies with lumps under their nipples 

(apparently that's normal and not a sign of some terrible disease as I was sure it was)

I get swagbucks and every month or so, I have enough to redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card.  Cool..huh?

If you're not signed up already..go sign up now!


And, just because, I can't possibly have a Five Favorites post, without mentioning absolute, favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite breakfast which I had on Mother's Day.

Not by bagel..mine was gluten-free.and didn't stand a chance with the camera.  This photo is by  Simon Law
Bagels with cream cheese, and lox and lettuce, and tomato and onion!

Food heaven!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

WIWS....Happy Mother's Day from a Real Mom to Real Moms

Happy Mother's Day!!  Today, Ben sent me a card that reads.
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom on the planet!  (plus some other mushy stuff I'm not posting).
Clearly, I'm not the best mom on the planet.  I yell, despite my best intentions to give up yelling for Lent, I still yell.   I've taken my baby to the ER, because I was walking too fast with her in the sling and  tripped and fell (she was fine).   And, then there was the time, I accidentally bought processed/convenience frozen chicken (I was in a rush, and thought I had grabbed just plain, chicken breasts) and served it to everyone on a night I was going out for Mom's Night Out (and not eating dinner with them), they were all wow, this is the best chicken I ever had.    Oh, and we can't forget about the time, I lost John at the zoo, because I was walking too fast. (don't worry, the lost was found).   And my house is a mess, all.the.time.  I get frustrated, I make empty threats, and I don't make them eat enough vegetables.

I could go on and on, but as you can clearly see, I'm not the best mom on the planet.   And, that's okay....because this best mom/dad/secretary/teacher/husband/wife/son/daughter is just Hallmark sentiment...which is fine and nice and all.   But, I think when people say that they have the best mom/dad/husband/wife/teacher/boss what they really mean is best for me.   As in, the person God gave me for a mom/dad/son/daughter/wife/husband/teacher/boss/what-have-you.   Because, everyone is imperfect and everyone fails at times.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all moms, who may not be the absolute best, but are the best for the people God gave them. 

And, here's my annual Mother's Day picture with the kids that make me a mom, and while I'm not the best mom in the word, God decided to give them to me, so I must be the best mom for them. 

Everyone was simply thrilled about posing for pictures again today.  Don't they look thrilled?  They were thrilled.  

And, because this is a WIWS is my WIWS.

Shirt:  thrifted
Tank top: Wal-Mart
Skirt:  Given to me
Shoes: Given to me, same ones I worse last Sunday (I think).
Glasses: Same ones as always, from Zenni

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Congratulations Graduate!

Finally after three years of sweat (his) and tears (mine) and blood (just kidding on the blood part), Ben graduated from law school today!  I'm married to a lawyer!   We're so proud of you and happy that this world will have at least one ethical, honest lawyer.  Actually...I know a lot of his classmates here at Ave Maria School of Law will also be ethical, honest lawyers.  

All the kids did super good during the long 2-hour graduation ceremony.  The people behind us, kept complimenting them on their behavior.

Here are my favorite pictures!

And, a family one!

John is his typical, 5-yo self with shirt half-way tucked in.  And, Elsa's not looking at the camera, but 2/4 kids look that's 50%..not bad.

Now, on to conquer the bar exam and get a job!
Prayers appreciated!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday


We're moving in just over two weeks, I am completely overwhelmed.  Everyone keeps asking me if I've started packing yet.  I'm just all. uhh no, I'm in denial about the fact that we are moving in about 2 1/2 weeks.  We have a ton of stuff to get rid of...which is stressful because people have been so generous to us, that I want to make sure I get rid of it to the right person instead of just randomly tossing or donating stuff.


Ben's graduation is TOMORROW.  When we started this whole law school thing, three years seemed like such a long time.  It doesn't seem like so long anymore. 


And, does it make me a bad wife that I'm dreading sitting through a two-hour graduation ceremony...with four kids?  Neither Ben nor I went to graduation when we got our Master's Degrees...but law school is A BIG we go. 


Elsa started crawling this week.  Right while we are trying to pack up..perfect timing!

Who me?  Mess up stuff?  Get into trouble?  No way..look at this innocent looking face!


 Where we live now is a PERFECT place for walking, running, bike riding, scootering, skating,....we have beautiful, wide, tree-lined sidewalks right outside our front door..which means we go on family walks or the kids bike ride/skate around almost every night.  Where we are going in RI has no such place and who knows about where we will be in Virginia.  So, we're thinking about getting a wii to use with wii fit or something to allow for indoor exercise.   Or possibly an xbox with kinect,  but that is much more expensive.   Anyone have any other input/ideas/suggestions for  kids and adults to get exercise when there may not be a safe place for walking/running/bike riding nearby. 


And, I just have to share this cute pic!

Don't you dare try to steal my cupcake toy!!


And, these are the types of pictures you get when you let your kids use the camera.

Greta taking a selfie.

And pictures of random stuff.

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