Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Take Friday


Just call me handy(wo)man Amelia.  Our keyboard (which the girls use like a piano for piano lessons and to practice), had a broken power cord.  I have NO IDEA how this happened, but somehow all the wires fell out and were exposed and one broke.  It was the most bizarre thing ever...I have no clue what happened, but you could see the circuit board and thingamabobs and everything. .  But, anyway, ingenious me took the power cord from our electric drill (which we use..umm....never) and plugged it into the keyboard and it works.  Yay.  


And, speaking of things breaking, I just wanted to say how awesomely magnanimous Ben was about the fact that a certain child who shall remained nameless who was supposed to be watching a certain baby who shall also remain nameless while a certain mother who shall remain nameless was packing, let said baby spill a certain substance which shall remain nameless (some call it Diet Coke, but I prefer the term poison) on his laptop keyboard and now the keys don't work.   


You know how you might think you have a difficult child, until you have another child that shows you what difficult really is., that's Elsa. 

This picture illustrates it perfectly.

Yes, the 8-month old is kicking the 5-year old in the head.   You can just tell that she's thinking. I may be the youngest, but ain't nobody gonna boss me around. 

Things are moving along for the move.  We sold our couches, which means we have nothing to sit on....but I really like the empty space.   I think I just want to stay couch-free.   Actually, I think I just want to stay everything free.   I'd be totally happy living in an empty house with nothing in clutter, no mess...aaah...a girl can dream. 


And, while I was writing this, Elsa almost killed herself by pulling herself up to standing on a little night-stand and almost tipping it over.  Thankfully, it's sturdy enough and she's not strong enough to totally tip it over.    Now, I'm off to somehow secure that.  Or,  maybe I'll just get rid of it...more empty space. 


I learned this week through a Facebook discussion that swiffer cleaning pads and maxipads are made by the same company.  Therefore, I can just strap maxipads to my baby's legs and she can clean the floor as she crawls across.


And, I can't think of anything else to write, so I'll just say...please pray for us.  We are just a bit stressed right now, with the move and job searching and all that.  Thanks my dear readers!

And, go see Jen for more 7QTK

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  1. Moving is such a stress! But with a job search too, you poor girl. Our high school is know the school, so you can look at the website to see the positions. I wish we needed a lawyer!

  2. I have felt called to pray for you all lately, I know what you are going through.

    And I love nothing more than the the feeling of an empty house, peace.

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