Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday


We're moving in just over two weeks, I am completely overwhelmed.  Everyone keeps asking me if I've started packing yet.  I'm just all. uhh no, I'm in denial about the fact that we are moving in about 2 1/2 weeks.  We have a ton of stuff to get rid of...which is stressful because people have been so generous to us, that I want to make sure I get rid of it to the right person instead of just randomly tossing or donating stuff.


Ben's graduation is TOMORROW.  When we started this whole law school thing, three years seemed like such a long time.  It doesn't seem like so long anymore. 


And, does it make me a bad wife that I'm dreading sitting through a two-hour graduation ceremony...with four kids?  Neither Ben nor I went to graduation when we got our Master's Degrees...but law school is A BIG we go. 


Elsa started crawling this week.  Right while we are trying to pack up..perfect timing!

Who me?  Mess up stuff?  Get into trouble?  No way..look at this innocent looking face!


 Where we live now is a PERFECT place for walking, running, bike riding, scootering, skating,....we have beautiful, wide, tree-lined sidewalks right outside our front door..which means we go on family walks or the kids bike ride/skate around almost every night.  Where we are going in RI has no such place and who knows about where we will be in Virginia.  So, we're thinking about getting a wii to use with wii fit or something to allow for indoor exercise.   Or possibly an xbox with kinect,  but that is much more expensive.   Anyone have any other input/ideas/suggestions for  kids and adults to get exercise when there may not be a safe place for walking/running/bike riding nearby. 


And, I just have to share this cute pic!

Don't you dare try to steal my cupcake toy!!


And, these are the types of pictures you get when you let your kids use the camera.

Greta taking a selfie.

And pictures of random stuff.

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  1. Is he going to get to wear one of those awesome hats? By far the best part of law school graduation :)

  2. Handy resource for moving:

    Take lots of pictures of that hat - they don't let you keep it ; )

  3. Congrats to him! And to the crawling baby. I hate the idea of the Florida planned community, but insure have enjoyed living in one, hope you all find something that works out.

  4. Hey Amelia, couldn't figure out how to contact you, I know you are so busy with the move. We will be in the area tonight and tomorrow and if you at all had the time, wanted to ask you a couple questions. You can email me at rebekahsweblog and then the at sign and then gmail and then a dot and then com (sorry, didn't know how to put that here!)


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