Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Super Quick Takes Friday


I'm giving myself exactly 30 minutes to write this post and publish it.  It's 7:30 precisely 8:00 AM, I need to start my exercise routine, so I can finish in time to make/eat breakfast and get dressed before leaving for our coop at 9:45.  Can I do it?  


Multi-tasking here...nursing the baby and typing at the same time.


Last night was my last La Leche League Meeting on Fl.   So sad.   My leader application is coming up for renewal at the end of May and I briefly considered retiring from active leadership...but I just can't do it.  I love La Leche League and helping mothers too much.  Really hoping that wherever we move to in VA. (yes, we still don't know) will have evening meetings, as those are SO MUCH easier for me, what with homeschooling and all. 


Speaking of Virginia and jobs...we've been binging on novenas over here for Ben to find a job.   St. Joseph, St. Catejan. St. Martha.  Going to be starting the Holy Spirit Novena soon too.  Any prayers any readers have for his job search are more than welcome. Yes..I'm begging. 


I'm incredibly, incredibly bad at remembering to buy certain things at the store....things I only buy infrequently.  Things like trash bags, toilet paper, and light bulbs.  Which means, that I've been forgetting to buy light-bulbs for WEEKS.  Which means we had a lot of burnt out bulbs in our house and things were getting dark.  Which means that on Wednesday when the last lightbulb in our living room burnt out, we were doing school by candlelight, because our living room is incredibly dark anyway due to just having the lanai window at the back and it was a dark, cloudy, rainy day.   And, yes, I bought light-bulbs that afternoon.
Yes, Greta is doing math and counting on her fingers.  

Hippy homeschooling child wearing scarves and tye dye.  And, if you look closely you can see the mess in our living room.  


And, what would a blog post be without cutsie, wootsie baby pictures?  It's been several days since I've posted adorable baby pics..  I must rectify that immediately since I know you all want nothing more than to see 1 million pictures of baby Elsa. 

Homegirl chewing on a brush. 

What's the point of having a baby if you can't dress them up in funny scarves and take pictures?

Don't let that innocent little face fool you...this girl has been a biting, teething mess lately.  She finally has two little sharp teeth poking through..but they aren't big enough to see yet...just big enough to bite mommy with.  Yikes.  


7:55 AM.  Made it with 5 minutes to spare.    Oops...had to edit a bit..pushing "publish" at 8:02 AM.  Not too bad. 

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  1. What kind of work is your husband looking for? Email me...

  2. Your funny! Love this post!

    Way to go in 30 minutes, I need to do that and stick to it :).

    Your girls are adorable and I am cracking up that they are doing school by candlelight. Matt gets the light bulbs over here or else we would probably be doing the same thing.

    My homegirl :), Hope, still has no teeth! I am waiting for them to pop through.

    Prayers coming your way for your job search!

  3. I have found that "7QT" are about the longest things to write, nothing quick about them. Well done.

  4. What is it with the hairbrushes? Those have always been a favorite in our house too!


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