Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Five Favorites in Florida

Since our time as Florida residents is limited to about 6 more days (sob, sob), I'm going with a Florida theme and listing my five favorite things about living in Fl.


These are the people in your neighborhood, 
in your neighborhood, 
in your neighborhood
These are the people in your neighborhood
The people that you meet when you go walking down the street
The people that you meet each day. 

I LOVED living on campus during Ben's time at law school.  It's the first time we've ever really known our neighbors, and it was so much fun to hang outside in the evenings and chat it up while the kids run around playing.   I really loved the community we had here and knowing all our neighbors.


Homeschool groups.  
Naples is such a homeschool friendly town and there are such big homeschool groups, we've loved, love, loved being a part of.  We've made some really awesome friends, that we're really going to miss. (sob, sob) When my mom came down after Elsa was born, she was so impressed with the community here.  I had so many people dropping off GLUTEN-FREE meals for us...I didn't cook dinner for practically a whole month after she was born. 

It's the people here, who've really  made our time so enjoyable. 


I know I've listed this in my five favorite before, but I love the fact that everyone and their brother has swimming pools, so we've gotten lots of chances to swim here in Fl.  So much fun.


The Gulf Coast
Gorgeous white sand, clear beautiful water.  Much as I love the craggy, rocky New England beach where I grew up, it just can't compare to the warm, clear, water and white sand of the Gulf Coast.

Flip Flops all year round!  
Love the fact that you can wear flip flops 12 months out of the year. 

Not my feet, not my flip flops. 


  1. What an awesome community to experience and an enriching time for your whole family. I am sure God has great plans for you all wherever you go.


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