Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Five Favorites (the (mostly junk) foodie edition)

It's time for a few more of my five most very favorite things!!


I love pancakes, but I hate, hate, hate standing over a stove cooking them.  Hate it.  With our family size (and appetites) it takes A LOT of pancakes to feed us, as pancakes are the ONE food that EVERY member of the family likes.  Well, besides ice cream that is...but I can't serve ice cream for dinner all the time

So, this recipe is always a big, big hit.   I can easily make it gluten-free by subbing in a GF flour blend and xanthum gum and everyone still LOVES it.


And, to go with our pancakes.

Log Cabin All Natural Syrup


It's way, way, way cheaper than real maple syrup, but really yummy and without all sorts of nasty things like high fructose corn syrup and preservatives and who knows what else.


Publix Premium It's Your Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Not healthy, not natural, loaded with all sorts of artificial colors and flavors and preservatives and corn syrup and whatnot...but oh, so, so, so, so good.  Birthday Cake ice cream is also the ONE flavor of ice cream that EVERYONE in our family LOVES.   It has it's own facebook fan page and everything.



I didn't used to like shrimp.  In fact, I used to hate it.  But, a few months ago I had some at a restaurant and realized much to my surprise that I liked it.  In fact, I LOVED it.  

Of course, none of the kids like it, so when I make it, it's just more for me (and Ben).   I love it with pasta, or rice (but pasta is my favorite).  I toss pasta with olive oil and garlic and salt and parmesean cheese and mix with cooked shrimp.  So, so, so, so good. 


Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

These are incredibly bad for you.  But, so incredibly number one favorite, favorite junk food.  And, I've even found a gluten-free version...which thankfully isn't sold in too many stores, but is sold at one store in RI (or at least it was last summer).

And, now that I've confessed all my junk food longings, so see Hallie and the gang for more Five Favorites.

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  1. I LOVE mozzarella sticks - the oven-baked ones are just as delicious as fried :)

  2. Hilarious.
    I often feel I could write an ode to all the foods I love. And that I should confess glutony... :)

  3. Whoa. Now I'm hungry! Sometimes you just have to be proud of yourself for eating *mostly* a healthy eater, and then help yourself to a bowl of ice cream... =) Love your honesty in sharing your food loves.


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