Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Five Favorites (the totally random, unrelated things edition).

I've been feeling a bit stressed/anxious/edgy lately, so this Five Favorites Link-up came along at just the right time.   Blogging always makes me feel better and thinking about my favorite things makes me happy.   So, here they are!


DeMontfort MusicRun by friends of ours, Kevin and Monica Fitzgibbons (writing that kinda makes me feel  important, like we hobnob with celebrities  or something).  Anyway, they just released a beautiful CD from the Benedictines of Mary.  Normally, I don't like music, as with all the noise from kids around, I feel like silence is golden, but this music is so beautiful and uplifting.  

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You know how I've mentioned that I've been feeling stressed/edgy/anxious lately.  Well, this supplement has definitely been helping!  It contains high levels of EPA and NO DHA.  For some reason, studies have shown that the high EPA without any DHA really improves mood and brain chemistry.  It's a bit pricey as far as supplements go, but totally, totally worth it. 

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The other thing that helps me is eating gluten-free.  And. this flour blend is the BOMB!  I can make ANYTHING gluten-free with it (well, anything I can make normally...I make no claims as to fancy things like doughnuts and bagels...but any muffin, cake, quick bread, pizza crust, yeast bread, scone, popover, etc., etc...I can make gluten-free with this awesome flour blend. 

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Daughters who can bake and decorate a cake all by themselves.  Heidi made this rosary cake (that's supposed to be a rosary on it) for our First Saturday get-together with friends.  It was a big hit..and she did it all by herself  (even clean-up). 


And, in honor of Mother's Mom.  Here she is with her granddaughters when she came down to visit after Elsa was born. 

Not sure, why Heidi and Greta look so's not like THEY were up all night nursing a newborn baby? 

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  1. Can't wait for the kids to be old enough to cook by themselves! Right now the closest we get is John Paul putting strawberry tops in water and telling me it's "Watermelon Yuzu Punch" (he's been reading my cocktails book...)!

  2. Your daughter is so impressive! Gorgeous cake!


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