Thursday, May 16, 2013

Theme Thursday: Animals

This weeks Theme Thursday is Animals. of my favorite topics.  I basically think there are two types of people in this people and non-pet people.  We are definitely pet people.  I was an animal science major in college and for a long time wanted to be a vet, before realizing that I'm NOT cut out the handle the stress of that.   So, I ended up going to graduate school instead and studying reproductive physiology of dairy cows. can actually study that.    This involved spending lots of time wearing long gloves with my arm up the wrong end up of a cow, feeling or ultra-sounding her ovaries.   Fun times, I tell you. 

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of that, so I shall not subject you, dear readers, to such an atrocity.

Instead I shall tell you the tale of a striped, orange cat. 

It was a rainy night, that night back in May, 2008.  I casually strolled into the kitchen, in search of a bedtime snack, unaware of the horror my eyes were about to see.   I was just reaching for a glass, when I saw IT.  A small brown thing scurrying across the floor.  I screamed in horror, dropping the glass.   That was the beginning of the stuff nightmares are made of.  A horrific mouse infestation.  We set traps out, we cleaned, we disinfected.  I HATE mice.   And, the very next day, I ran right out to our local animal shelter and picked out a big, orange, striped cat.  

We named him William, after this delightful children's story. 

William is always getting into trouble. 

William is polydactyl.

William has sneaked out of the house several times...but the prodigal cat has always returned. 

William has never actually caught a mouse...but we love him anyway. 

Isn't he a handsome cat??  And, yes, that is the refrigerator he is on top of!

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  1. Haha! Love your tale. My mother in law did the same thing when she saw a mouse in the house. Didn't bother with traps, just got a cat, but he was a good mouser. William is a pretty kitty. I will have to find that book now. =)

  2. My kitty loves the high places too! Maybe it's to get away from all the kids :)

  3. If I ever find mice in my house my husband is going to just have to get a handle on his allergies because I am going to be just like you and high tail myself to a cat!

  4. I am not a cat person at all. But when I DO like a cat, it's always an orange striped on like that.

    And now you need to do a blog post all on the reproductive physiology of cows. I love learning about that sort of stuff.

  5. Oh Lordy Lordy Lordy. I hate mice too!! So much. And I'm not a cat person either (terribly allergic which makes me cranky) but your William is incredibly handsome. :)

  6. Yes..that is one handsome kitty! I have an orange kitty also and she is the best and sweetest.

  7. He is just beautiful. Too bad about the non-mousing, maybe you should get a free range snake?

    1. Ha...I think I *might* prefer mice over a snake!

  8. That kitty is so beautiful! My kitty used to catch anything - besides mice! And my husband and I just got a house where we've seen a few mice and have contemplated a cat. (Contemplated being key word - we live in dog city.) However, I'm afraid I'll get a kitty who wants to do anything BUT catch mice. =/


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