Thursday, May 23, 2013

Theme Thursday: Bodies

When I first heard that this week's Theme Thursday topic was bodies, I was all huh, in dead bodies, like when the heroine of a mystery novel finds "a body" or the cops are all "I found the body"  Isn't that a bit macabre..don't have any of those hanging around. 

That probably just goes to show that I read too many mystery novels and watch too much Monk and Law & Order and Murder She Wrote and Columbo

Then I starting thinking of other bodies...but all I had was my Ipod camera since our other one is currently not working, so I apologize for the extremely bad photographs. 

Piles of (live) bodies:

Using your body for interesting things:

They were trying to make an A here, but the short line across kept crawling away.

And, then of course, there is bodies of water with (live) bodies playing in it.

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  1. Gosh, I didn't even think of dead bodies. All I could think of was working out bodies. Til I posted something similar to your A's.

    Fun post.

  2. The photos are sweet! Guarantee they will mean a million bucks to you a few years from now.

  3. I love all the laughing and baby feet in the air!! Precious!

  4. I will admit to having the same thoughts as you did, and I don't read mystery novels.

  5. Nope I went huh? too. :) And I wanted to get ideas but I didn't want to google bodies because, honestly that would freak me out. Who knows what I'd get. That second picture however, perfect bodies and what a great moment captured. You can't fake that kind of smile.

  6. Haha Elsa's kicking someone again - can't stop her!


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