Thursday, May 9, 2013

Theme Thursday: Mom 3G

Today's Theme Thursday is Mom, so I'm showcasing three generations of mothers...through the maternal line.

Here is a picture of my maternal grandma  (who I was named Amelia glad she wasn't named something like offense to any Kunagundas out there).

This was taken in the year 2000. She passed away in 2006.   She was a mom to 3, grandmother to 14 and currently has 12 great grandchildren.   She was a super sweet, Italian grandmother who always made sure everyone was well-fed and well-loved. 

This is my mom.

She is doing what she does best, being in charge, and holding up my wedding veil which along with my wedding dress was worn by my grandmother, my mother and me. 
My mom has 5 children and 4 grandchildren. 
While some would describe my mom as being a formidable presence, which is very true, she always has a super big heart and is always willing to help anyone in need and is/was a great mother.

And, this is me, taken last year on Mother's Day.  All 4 of my children are in this picture, but Elsa is still hidden in utero.   

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  1. Three generations of moms! Love it. And I'm dying of 20 kinds of envy about the heirloom wedding dress. My mom's wedding dress, though I begged her to let me wear it, was heavy white velvet, since she was married in December.
    I, however, was married in August, and the temperature was roughly 90 that day.
    Mama knows best.

  2. I am just loving seeing all the grandmas and moms of you women. Makes me so happy. I love your photo with your kids! Beautiful.

  3. Love your descriptions of them both, and that is such a pretty picture of you!

  4. Ha! "Doing what she does best - being in charge" that line cracked me up. I think that's how my kids will remember me too :) Happy Mother's Day to one of the best!

  5. Lovely picture of all of you last year! Hope you can get a good one with all 4 this year :)

  6. I love grandma's who make sure everyone is fed. I wonder if I'll grow up to be like that :) Beautiful generational pictures! Have a blessed Mother's Day.


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