Monday, May 6, 2013

Three Reasons I Love Catholicism Vol. II

Linking up with Micaela at From California to Korea for another awesome link-up about Three Reasons I love Catholicism...volume II. 


Patron Saints

You've got a boil or backache or cancer or lost your keys or have a sick goat or need to find employment or sell a house....there's a patron saint for that.   Always nice to have friends in high places interceding for you before the throne of God. 



The greatest Saint of All...the Blessed Mother.

Mothers are so important, May is the month of mothers and Mother Mary is the greatest mother of all.   She was entrusted with the task of carrying and raising Jesus.  His human DNA is from her, for crying out loud, so she must be a pretty important person.  And, from the cross, Jesus made her our mother too.  We can always go to the Blessed Mother and she always brings us closer to Christ.


Prayer...I love me some nice, beautiful, already written, ready-made prayers.  If I don't know what to pray, the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be's all good standbys...not to mention the St. Michael's Prayer, Guardian Angel Prayer, Memore, Chaplet of Divine Mercy..I could go on and on.   And, while praying in your own words is wonderful, I love praying the old, familiar prayers.   And, when all else can always throw out a novena...I'm the queen of novenas during times of stress. 

So, those are this month's three can see last month's three reasons here. and go see Micaela for even more reasons.

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  1. "...have a sick goat or need to find employment or sell a house....there's a patron saint for that." HA! Love it.

    As you saw, Mary was on my list this month. Spread the Mother Mary love far and wide, sister! Love these. Thanks for linking again.

  2. YES! Patron saints, how the heck would we deal with this life without them?

  3. Great reasons!!! I also like the traditional prayers. Recently my husband and I prayed several novenas together; he's currently job hunting and we found some beautiful novenas just for that. :) Along with a few patron saints. And of course, Mama Mary. Thanks for sharing and for linking up with Micaela! :)


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