Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Pentecost

Happy Pentecost Sunday!!

A super, super nice thing happened to us at Mass today. Someone gave us a very generous check/gift (I assume for graduation)..super, super sweet of them.  I'm almost positive this person doesn't read my blog..but if you do...THANK YOU!!

Sadly, I did not wear red today....possibly because the only red articles of clothing I have are red sweaters or a red sleeveless shirt...neither of which are appropriate for a Latin Mass in Florida in May.   Or possibly, because I forgot it was Pentecost when I got dressed.   

Elsa did wear red today...possibly because I remembered it was Pentecost and dressed her in red on purpose...or possibly because I just happened to grab a red dress to put on her.  

Speaking of Elsa, she gets a B+ for Mass behavior today.  She started out doing really well, just sitting on our laps and playing with a toy.  Then she started playing the drop-the-toy-and-make-the-gentleman-next-to-us-pick-it-up-50-times-game.   So, I took her in the back for the rest of Mass and she was very good. 

Ben did wear red today.  Probably because he dressed in red on purpose for Pentecost.

No one else wore red, possibly because we all forgot. 

So this is my non-red outfit for Pentecost Sunday.

Supper flattering picture, no??  I have no idea why blogger is making my picture spread out and look like I'm 300 pounds.  Blogger must be trying to teach my humility.

Ha...but I got you'll have to do better than that!  This is what I actually looked like.  I had to upload my picture to Shutterfly first and now it's coming up normal. 


Sweater:  Wal-Mart
Tank Top: Shade Clothing
Skirt: Given to me from a friend who moved away last year
Shoes: Given to me
Glasses: Zenni

I apologize (to you and everyone at Mass today) for the wrinkles in my skirt.  You see, my iron is all packed up.   Oh, who am I kidding...I wouldn't have ironed it anyway.  I'm allergic to ironing.   I blame my mom for passing on the anti-ironing gene.  My mom is probably shocked  to hear that I even own an iron (I do..I just don't use it). 

So, go see what all the other non-wrinkled bloggers (who probably do own an iron and actually use it) are wearing at Fine Linen and Purple
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  1. Blogger was turning my pics sideways today. We own no red, and are in FL, so right there with ya!

  2. You look great! And I am anti-ironing too. I've pretty much given up on owning button-down, collared shirts b/c they always seem to need ironing.

  3. How weird that it widened you out!

    Ah, ironing... I have at almost all times a pile of clothes that need ironing and I get to it maybe once a month? And then I just try to wear those items as long as possible without washing them so I don't have to iron them again... And I actually somewhat enjoy ironing, but the effort of getting the ironing board out is really what keeps me from doing it!


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