Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Mostly Quick and Probably Boring Takes Friday

It's Friday!!

 Last night, we were awakened at 3:00 A.M. but the super loud, beeping and calling of FIRE, FIRE, FIRE from the smoke detectors.  Thankfully it was not a real fire, simply a malfunctioning smoke detector, but if it was, everyone would have been burned up, because apparently no one else hears the smoke detectors, leaps out of bed and runs outside as they should.   I had to go upstairs, wake the kids up (cause ya know, the beeping wasn't loud enough) and take them outside, while the fire department came to check everything out.  Yes, it was probably a waste of taxpayer money.   


Conversation in our house. 

Me: Who turned on the a/c?
Everyone else: Not me, not me, I didn't. 

There ya go, the miraculous turning on a/c. 


I posted this on facebook yesterday, but I just find this so highly amusing that I had to share.  Yesterday, I was driving home and saw a real, live chicken cross a real, live road.  

Not the actual chicken I saw, 'cause I was too busy trying not to hit it, to stop and take a picture. 


So, a few weeks ago my parents informed us that they are going to be selling my childhood home and moving to Indiana at the end of the summer.  So, this means, this is likely our last summer in RI.  Ever since I first left RI at the age of 21 to go to grad school, I've come back every summer ....sometimes just for a week or two, sometimes for several weeks (and we even lived here full-time for a few years), but we've always come back...visited friends, gone to the beach.   So sad to think that after this summer, we probably won't be back. 


Came across this article  about brutally honest, and  funny job rejection letters. 

Especially check out the one from Walt Disney in 1938.  My oh my, how times have changed. 


And, what's a blog post without a cute baby pic?

I keep hoping if I post enough pictures, Pampers or someone will offer us a contract and I can gleefully be all "Ha, I would never subject my child to a modeling contract...before breaking down and signing on the dotted line."


And, of course what's a 7QTF post ending without shamelessly begging for prayers for Ben's bar exam (coming up in just ONE month) and for a JOB!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real in Black and White

Doing a 2/1 today and linking up with both Clan-Donaldson for Theme-Thursday and Like Mother Like Daughter for PHFR.

Does your local library offer museum passes?  Ours does..and I just love them!  Last Friday, we got Museum Passes and took a field trip here.   The kids loved the museum and seeing all the old-fashioned stuff, and the garden and grounds were fun to walk around.  

And, the weather was perfect...sunny, low 70's, breezy....gotta love days like that!

So these pictures, are all from that field trip!


My pretty flower pictures.

And here's one in Black and White:

I thought this stone building and the girls looking out to sea would lend itself well to a B&W photo.


We went to the park afterwards, and happy baby is thrilled about the rice cake she got to eat.

And another happy picture in B&W.


Somehow I was able to capture this extremely funny face.

And, I think this is a funny picture of John just barely peeking (at first I wrote peeing..but NO, that is NOT what he is doing) out from behind the statue.'s in B&W.

And, here's one of John trying to do a somersault while Greta looks on with amusement.


It wasn't all fun and games though...this is how Greta looked at the playground afterwards.

But then, they started playing:

And, all was idyllic just like this old B&W least until the next argument started. 

I love the way this emphasizes the shadows and the running children.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Five Favorites


Internet fundraisers for a fellow mama in need.  

Many of you are probably already familiar with Dwija over at HouseUnseen, but if you're not, Dwija has 5 children (the youngest just celebrated her 1st birthday) and is about 18 weeks pregnant with her 6th.  This last pregnancy has been rife with problems, starting with subchorionic hemorrhages and then 3 weeks ago premature rupture of the membranes...which is quite serious for such a little baby.  But, amazingly enough, baby is still alive and well in there, even without all the amniotic fluid he (yes, they just found out it's probably a boy) needs to grow.   So Dwija is on bedrest to try to keep baby inside and healthy and growing and once baby reaches viability-(24 weeks in Aug.) she will be admitted to the hospital and have to stay there UNTIL birth. So, as you can imagine, they have a hard row to hoe.  In the midst of all that, Dwija's laundry room is not very functional...I don't know all the details but apparently she doesn't have a dryer (AND she cloth diapers..I.can't.imagine), plus her washer leaks or something and they have to empty big buckets of water every time she does a load of laundry (with 5 kids including 1 baby in cloth diapers).  Oy vey!   So, Cari at Clan-Donaldson set up a wonderful fundraiser to help Dwija get a new, functioning laundry room...which I daresay they really, really need.   So, you can read more about the fundraiser and learn how to donate here


Sei Bella leave-in detangling and smoothing spray. 

I love this stuff, for my girls because it de-tangles and for me, because it actually does tame the frizz.   It makes my hair feel really silky and shiny and helps it not look so frizzy when it's really humid.


Ice, ice baby

The lowly ice cube.  Yes, the ice cube.  It provides hours of cooling summer fun for babies.  First they have to catch it as it slides across the floor, and then then can have fun sucking on and getting all wet and cold as it melts.  Hours of entertainment here. 



For some reason, I just love old Detective series.  Ben and I just discovered Matlock the other day.  Matlock is a brilliant Criminal lawyer played by Andy Griffith.  Anyway, we've only watched one episode so far, but I'm looking forward to watching more!


The claw pencil grip

Awesome for kids who have trouble learning how to hold a pencil correctly.  I got these for John, and it made a huge difference and as I was having a lot of difficulty teaching him to hold a pencil without fisting it.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bentrup Babblings

Me:  I can't believe you don't like blueberries, they're so yummy.
John: Mom, let me teach you a lesson.  God made everyone different.
Guess he told me

Greta: (after sleeping in later than normal).  I was having a dream and forgot to wake-up.
Well..that's an interesting excuse...I forgot to wake up.

Me: Greta, do you know what gravity is
Greta: yes, gravity is that thing that keeps you from floating all over the place and if it were't for gravity I would probably be floating over, over there, I'd be floating up, I think I'd be floating up there, no, I'd be floating over there.  Anyway, sometimes, I wish there was no gravity, so that I could fly like a bird.

John: (After taking a teeny, teeny, tiny, tiny scrap of paper out of Elsa's mouth). I saved Elsa's life.
We're just a wee bit dramatic, aren't we?

Yes, her dress is on's the new fad, don't ya know?

 Greta: John if you come upstairs with me, I'll play with you tomorrow.
John:  How long?
Greta:  A half-hour
John:  How about one minute extra of a half-hour
Greta: Fine, I'll play with you for 31 minutes.
John: Is that one minute more than a half-hour?
Greta: yes it is. a half-hour is 30 minutes and one minute extra is 31 minutes, so I'll play with you for 31 minutes tomorrow
John: ok, it's a deal
Pint-sized negotiators they are.

Yes, his shirt is on inside out too.  We are just inside-out- backwards people.

Greta: John, let me read you a bible story.  Do you know about the Garden of Eden..
John: No, I don't know about the Garden of Eating. 

So, right now, we have our old TV which actually has a VHS player and we have A TON of old VHS tapes
Greta: (when deciding what movie to watch): I'm just going to watch on the Kindle Fire because it takes SO LONG to rewind those dumb old tapes and I hate waiting for them to rewind.
They make me feel so old.
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

WIWS and is Chelsea Clinton really that dense?

Yeah..I know...two totally unrelated topics.  But, I saw this article and was just like huh?  Really?  Does she not get it?  If great-grandma had "the services that Planned Parenthood provides" than grandma would have never been born, Hilary would have never been born and neither would Chelsea.   You would think she'd be thanking her lucky stars that great-grandma didn't abort grandma, ya know?

And, then I read this awesome post from my friend Katie who understands what Chelsea apparently doesn't.    

 Therefore, I knew an abortion would be killing a human being whom I would likely otherwise be well-acquainted with, and likely fond of, for the rest of my natural life.
Because, that is really the crux of the issue.  Many well-loved people start out as a crisis pregnancy.  
And, that dear readers, is the end of my political writing today.  I usually tend to stay away from political or controversial topics...but I just had to write about this.
And, now onto the real topic of this post...what you've all been waiting to see.  What I wore today.

And, I just have to I the only blogger who takes a picture of what they are wearing, looks at it..says "ugh..that just doesn't work" and goes and changes into another outfit (and more pictures)?  Maybe it's just because we don't have a full-length mirror right now?  Anyway, I did that today (and to be honest, last Sunday as well).

So, this is what I wore, after the clothing change.

Shirt: thrifted
Tank top: wal-mart
Skirt: Shade clothing
Shoes: given to me
Glasses; zenni

Adorable baby Elsa is wearing a cute, pink, gingham dress given to us.

And, please, please, please ignore the ugly couch in the background. 

Mass Behavior:  Heidi, Greta and John all get an A, of course.

Elsa gets a B, for just a bit too much baby babbling..but otherwise she was good. 

So, I'm off now to check out what everyone else wore Sunday.
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Double the Link-Up, Double the Fun...3 Reasons within 7QTF

It's double link-up fun around here....linking up with Micaela from California to Korea and back again for Three Reasons I love Catholicism...all buried within Jen's 7 Quick Takes Friday.  See, this way, I only have to come up with 4 other takes.  I'm a card carrying member of Lazy Bloggers R Us.

Nuns, Sisters, Brothers, Religious Vocations.
Because those with religious vocations play an important role in our society.  It's awesome to have a bunch of people out there who's main vocation is to serve God and a totally unselfish way, without the worries of a family and other daily life to bog them down. 

Especially this nun sister, because when she comes a-visiting it's so much fun to go out in public with her and watch the heads turn.

Me and my sister the Sister.
Catholic Music

And speaking of Sisters...they make beautiful Music...and hit the top of the Billboard Charts!!!  Friends of ours are the producers of this gorgeous music! 
Catholics make the best that is truly uplifting and brings one closer to God.

The fact that our Church could have a Pope John Paul II and then a Pope Benedict and then a Pope Francis.  They each had/have their charism...all very different, but all very evidently sent by the Holy Spirit.  I can't imagine a worldwide church without a worldwide Papa.


So,  onto other topics.  I've been receiving all our new school books for next year.  This coming year, we are doing everything Mother of Divine Grace (except math and science).  I'm totally kicking myself for not doing this earlier. Totally kicking myself.  I LOVE having everything all laid out in the syllabus for me.  And, MODG seems to be the perfect mix of rigorous and not so rigorous.   Plus, getting new school books is so much fun..the kids are actually EAGER to do school.  EAGER...I'm taking advantage of that..totally!  (even though I had posted earlier that we were taking the summer off....I reserve the right to change my mind at any time!).  


Creepy at these are...I'm, so tempted. 

My baby is 9 months old and still only likes to sleep in I figured some creepy dismembered arms might be useful. 


The Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Bill Passed the House.   Thankfully, a few politicians are still logical enough to realize that the only difference between a baby that is still inside the womb at 6 months and one in the NICU  that was born at 6 months, is the fact that one is protected by law and the other isn't.

As always, I'm begging prayers...for Ben to pass the bar in July and to find the right job. Pretty please...with a Hail Mary on top?

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Theme Thursday: Aqua, Water, H20

I'm very, very fortunate, in that of my 35 years of existence on this planet, I've spent 26 of them living within 10 miles of the ocean.

Beginning with the rocky shores of Rhode Island

Is it just me, or do those shoes look way too big on her...and I think they're definitely on the wrong feet?   This was taken in 2006...Heidi was 4 and Greta was 1.

Why yes, my kids do go swimming in their Sunday Best dresses...doesn't everyone?  2008...Greta was 3 yo. 

Is that a whale in the background...or just another rock?  2008...Heidi was 6

To the beautiful gulf coast of Naples, Fl

This is one of my favorite photos ever...I love the shadows and light and just the whole thing.   2013..Heidi is 11, Greta is 8 and John is 5

Notice, my kids like to go swimming in their clothes a lot.  Believe it or not...they actually do own bathing suits....I always just get overly optimistic and think "oh, we'll just walk on the beach, they won't get wet, they don't need suits"  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

I've spent plenty of time at the beach and in the ocean.  I learned how to swim  in the salty bay and grew up swimming among seaweed and seagulls.  I love the ocean...the crashing of the waves, the smell of the salty air...even the annoying seagulls have their charm.  

But, as much as I love the beach and ocean...I love the mountains I just had to include this gorgeous waterfall photo from a trip to TN.  Because, as much as I love the beach and the ocean...I also really love the mountains and hiking and beautiful waterfalls.   Ben and I met on a mountain hike in KY (he was hiking barefoot) and I have fond memories of hiking through mountain streams and visiting waterfalls.   

Burgess Fall...taken 2007 (I think)

Now, go see Cari for more watery photos. 
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Five Favorites By Baby

Hi, my name is Elsa and I like to bang on my mommy's keyboard and spill diet coke on Daddy's keyboard.  That only cost him $114 to get it fixed, but because I'm super cute, they forgave me. 

Since, I like banging  typing on the keyboard so much mommy let me take over blogging and I'm doing my five favorite baby things.


The Kozy Carrier..because it makes me feel all warm and cozy and snuggly in it and I fall asleep.  And, it lets my mommy do important things like taking walks and hikes without making me ride in a boring old stroller.  And, when I want to go into it, I just whine and cry and pull on mommy's legs while she's trying to do something for all my slaves  siblings like cook dinner.  Then, she puts me in it and I can see everything and she can cook dinner for the my  slaves  siblings,  That way they have more energy to entertain me and get me toys and carry me around and do whatever I want.


Smart Nappy Diapers

Because I'm too little to use the potty and these never leak and absorb a lot of pee and most of all are super trim and don't make my butt look big...because who wants a big ole' cloth diaper bubble butt?


Sleeping in the big bed with mommy because HELLO....who wants to sleep alone??  I mean, wolves might come eat me if I'm all alone.

Not my mommy's bed..she would never have such an ugly bedspread.

Plus, sleeping in mommy's bed makes it easier for me to partake of my next favorite thing.


(See, I'm only 9 months old and I can already do a segue).

The nana...or some babies calling it nursing or milkies...but's my favorite thing.  Nana is all sweet and warm and delicious and it's super fun to be nursing and then bite mommy and watch her scream..and then go back to nursing.  I always be sure to look super cute when I do that and then cry to nurse some more, so I can play the game's so fun.  

Taken right after a snack.

I only eat big people food, because it's much more fun to steal food off my mommy's or daddy's plates or eat stuff that falls on the floor than it is to eat mushy old baby food off a spoon.

And, this is my favorite food, because it's nice and juicy and yummy and always makes a big mess..and I live for making messes.  If mommy let me, I would eat tons and tons of soooo yummy!

And, now I hear that there is this really cool blogger named Hallie that hosts these Five Favorites.  I can't read yet, but if you should go check her out. 

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Mystery Ingredient Monday: Mint

So, a couple bloggers I follow are doing this fun mystery ingredient Monday link-up.  This week's mystery ingredient was Mint...which is awesome because there are so many health benefits of the mint plant

And, since there just happens to be this growing in my back-yard right now. 

And, since I was commissioned to make a pasta salad to bring to a cook-out last night, I said to myself.  Self, what the heck...I'm going to give it a whirl.  (Yes, I really do talk to myself in my head like that...I'll be waiting for the people in the white jackets now.)

And, I came up with this recipe, that I made up all on my own.

It was surprisingly good and the mint adds a refreshingly different, but cool taste.  This is definitely a "light" pasta salad..but very tasty.

Since, I made the recipe up myself, I can call it whatever the heck I want, and I'm calling it

Amelia's Awesome Veggilicious Pasta Salad. 

1 lb. cooked pasta (I used gluten-free pasta, because that's how we roll..but you can use regular)
2 cucumbers (chopped)
2 red peppers (chopped)
1 bunch scallions (chopped)
4 tomatoes (chopped)
2 handfuls of fresh mint leaves (chopped)


1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup olive oil 
salt (to taste)
dried basil (to taste)
dried oregano (to taste)
black pepper (to taste) 
sugar (to taste)

Combine the pasta/veggies/mint.  Mix the dressing up in separate container and pour over pasta/veggies.  Toss it all together...let sit in a fridge a few hours for the flavors to blend and prepare to wow your guests with your awesome culinary skills

I used a scissors to shred the mint and cut the made things much easier. 

You can play with the ingredients to suit your own tastes..try adding in different vegetables, change the ingredients in the dressing...whatever. . 

And, if you want to see more minty recipes..head on over to A Clan's Tale. 
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