Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Mostly Quick and Probably Boring Takes Friday

It's Friday!!

 Last night, we were awakened at 3:00 A.M. but the super loud, beeping and calling of FIRE, FIRE, FIRE from the smoke detectors.  Thankfully it was not a real fire, simply a malfunctioning smoke detector, but if it was, everyone would have been burned up, because apparently no one else hears the smoke detectors, leaps out of bed and runs outside as they should.   I had to go upstairs, wake the kids up (cause ya know, the beeping wasn't loud enough) and take them outside, while the fire department came to check everything out.  Yes, it was probably a waste of taxpayer money.   


Conversation in our house. 

Me: Who turned on the a/c?
Everyone else: Not me, not me, I didn't. 

There ya go, the miraculous turning on a/c. 


I posted this on facebook yesterday, but I just find this so highly amusing that I had to share.  Yesterday, I was driving home and saw a real, live chicken cross a real, live road.  

Not the actual chicken I saw, 'cause I was too busy trying not to hit it, to stop and take a picture. 


So, a few weeks ago my parents informed us that they are going to be selling my childhood home and moving to Indiana at the end of the summer.  So, this means, this is likely our last summer in RI.  Ever since I first left RI at the age of 21 to go to grad school, I've come back every summer ....sometimes just for a week or two, sometimes for several weeks (and we even lived here full-time for a few years), but we've always come back...visited friends, gone to the beach.   So sad to think that after this summer, we probably won't be back. 


Came across this article  about brutally honest, and  funny job rejection letters. 

Especially check out the one from Walt Disney in 1938.  My oh my, how times have changed. 


And, what's a blog post without a cute baby pic?

I keep hoping if I post enough pictures, Pampers or someone will offer us a contract and I can gleefully be all "Ha, I would never subject my child to a modeling contract...before breaking down and signing on the dotted line."


And, of course what's a 7QTF post ending without shamelessly begging for prayers for Ben's bar exam (coming up in just ONE month) and for a JOB!


  1. Ha! They are moving to my childhood state! And where my parents live. South Bend for us. Coincidence abounds!

  2. Our smoke alarm went on the fritz a few weeks ago and we did NOT rush everyone out of the house, we unplugged the alarm! But we checked for fires first to make sure nothing was *really* wrong :P Then I was up the rest of the night convinced that the house was going to burn down as we slept...

  3. Not boring at all (especially that cute baby pic)! Just refreshingly candid and hey, newsy, too. Keeping your husband's intentions in mind!


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