Friday, June 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Tony, tony come around
Something's lost and can't be found. 

My mom is in a documentary on St. Anthony.   You can watch it online at certain premiered last night (on the Feast of St. Anthony), but is being shown a few more times for the next few days.   
It's very well done and I learned a lot from it...for example did you know that St. Anthony was made a saint less than a year after he died?  I didn't.

And the part with my mom was filmed in our own living room...which you can see pictured here.  Pretty cool...they had filmmakers filming in our house (we were in FL at the time we missed the movie sets and lights and all that)!! 


And, speaking of St. Anthony, since he's good at finding things I think I need to ask him to find us a job. 


And, just because we're speaking of St. Anthony..if you are interested in learning more about can read my mom's book


It's been raining and cold. (like 65 degrees cold).like forever here in RI!  And, I LOVE IT!  After 3 years of perfectly sunny and perpetually hot weather in Fl.....I'm so ready for some rain and drizzle and cooler weather.


And, speaking of cold weather, I had to go through our old baby clothes to come up with some warmer clothes for Elsa...since just about everything I have for her is only appropriate for temperatures above 75.   And, I came up with this adorable shirt...which was given to us 11 years ago when I had she is the 3rd Bentrup baby girl to wear it.  It has a matching black pants..but for some reason I can't find those.   Love those super cute  baby clothes...I don't save much when it comes to baby clothes..but this is one of my favorites. 

She keeps looking at the fur on the sleeves quizzically and picking at it.   And, I love that poodle. 


Do any other bloggers get to the end of their quick takes and run out of things to say?  No? Just me...okay then.


Oh, I thought of something.   I'm trying to come up with new recipes/meals that are both meatless and cheese-less (eggs are fine though).   Anyone have any good ideas?  We generally try to follow the Perfect Health Diet  (rather imperfectly I might add)..but that means we generally eat meat/fish/rice/potatoes/rice pasta/veggies for most meals.   Before we started this diet, we used to eat a lot of cheese based meals..but certain family members seems to have developed an intolerance to too much dairy.  All that meat can get expensive I'm looking for more things that are meatless...but without dairy.  Legumes are not allowed on the PHD..but we don't follow it perfectly so I'm okay with them once in awhile.

And, now that I've finished my 7QTF...go see Jen for more. 

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  1. Potatoes are okay, right? I used to make a lot of Spanish omelettes (tortilla espanola) with eggs, potatoes, onions, and olive oil-- it got even easier once I realized I could put the omelette under the broiler to finish, rather than trying to flip it.

    It is quite a few eggs, though.

  2. #5

    I finally gave up a lot of our baby clothes, it is a bit of grieving in the process. I actually took pictures of some outfits for personal reasons. At a certain point it was clear these clothes need to go to someone who can use them, and not just sit in a plastic tub.


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