Saturday, June 1, 2013

An Old-Fashioned Road Trip

We did it, we did it!   We made it 1500 miles of driving in 3 days from Florida to Rhode Island....without air conditioning....or smart phones....or even a CD player. 

We left Tuesday afternoon.. Thanks to Heidi's broken collarbone, there was a lot of indecision about exactly when we were leaving. The ER doctor said she needed to be seen within 1-2 days, so we wanted to get that done before we left, but the actual orthopedist wouldn't see her before 10-14 days since they don't do anything for a broken collarbone other than a sling.   

So, last minute we decided to leave Tues. after all.  But there was a lot of last minute packing and cleaning to do....last minute trips to Goodwill...and goodbyes to neighbors to be said.

We drove off at 1:57 PM.  At 2:01 PM we made our first stop...exactly 2.2 miles from home.   I realized in all the confusion of packing up and saying goodbye, Elsa hadn't nursed in awhile.  And, Ben needed to get his drug fix,  diet coke fix for the road.

But, that was a brilliant strategy because Elsa slept for 4 hours straight...which she had done approximately zero times before this.   This 4-hour stretch blew her average 12.75 minute average time of alone-sleeping out of the water. 

We almost had an accident that first day when the car in the lane next to us had a tire blow out and the driver cut right in front of us, to get off the road.  The sides of the roads in FL and GA are littered with rubber tire debris...I guess the heat and humidity must be brutal on tires.

Since we are the only people left in America (besides my parents) who still live in the dark ages and don't have smartphones, we stopped at a McDonalds on the way for their free WiFi and booked a hotel  reservation for that Kingsland, GA...just over the border from FL.

We got to the room at 10:38 PM.  The beds were unmade...there were no towels...and we were tired. 

The next was up at 5:00...out the door by 6:55 AM and 10..5 hours of driving to stay at a wonderful friend's house in Virginia.   We had a fun, but too short visit...but are looking forward to going back to Virginia once Ben (hopefully) passes the bar and gets a job there. 

Then we drove on, slowly...very, very slowly to Rhode Island.  We had to drive so slowly because there were all these other pesky cars in the way.  And, we had awesome timing because we hit NYC right at rush that was loads of fun...driving through NYC during rush hour, without air conditioning. 

So, we made it to our final destination at 11:30 PM on Thursday. 

And, our old decrepit van amazingly enough did NOT break down.  All our friends in Florida, were all Is that van going to make it up to RI?

  You, see technically our van was totaled two years ago when I was rear-ended and the insurance company wouldn't pay to fix it because the cost of the repair was more than the worth of the vehicle.   But, the old gal still had some life in her, and she survived another 2 years in FL and a 1500 mile drive up to RI. 

It was a hot, arduous, journey but we made it.   The whole time on the way, I kept thinking I can't believe people do this for fun.   Of course, I'm sure it's more fun if you have air conditioning in your vehicle and DVD players...and can actually listen to music or books on tape or something. 

But, our kids were great, and didn't complain....except for Elsa, who did her fair share of crying, but was remarkably good considering the circumstances. 

And, I discovered that I can read on the kindle in the car and not get carsick...I can't read books or papers...but for some reason, reading the kindle doesn't make me carsick.  Which is reason #5637 why I love the kindle...and too bad Amazon isn't paying me to say that. 

And, now we are here in RI...where I get to spend the next two months going through all the stuff we had left up here and packing it up (or getting rid of it).  The fun and packing NEVER ends. 

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  1. Yay for making it! You're trip definitely sounds familiar. We don't have smart phones either, and we finally got our fan fixed after the last road trip when we realized that a defroster is not optional in Michigan, and the heat/cold definitely can make trips feel longer. Especially the heat!

    Glad your van made it! I'm hoping ours has at least two more years left in her. Fingers crossed!

  2. So glad you made it there safe and sound! You are such a hilarious writer. It was fun to read about your trip, although I CAN'T believe you did it without A/C. You guys are my heroes!

  3. wow! y' all are troopers!! Congrats on making it :). Look forward to hearing and seeing updates in Rhode Island!

  4. So go glad you all made it! Wow, that's a looooong drive, you all are troopers!

    1. Just realized I copied Kristen's phrasing. Oh well, it's early :)

  5. You guys are simply amazing. What a journey and there is no doubt God's graces were just showered on you throughout. That old van is a keeper and deserves to be called a hero, and I can't help but think that all the various struggles of the trip and your kids not having to rely on outside entertainment , it must have been huge for their souls. May God continue to bless your family and its mission.

  6. What an adventurous end to your Florida chapter! I should've followed your blog more closely, we could have offered you a free roof your first night (we are close to Jacksonville!). We are considering a road trip up to NYC/PA in July and you've offered a little inspiration, or at least confidence: it can be done :) Hope you enjoy a RI summer!

  7. I dread making a 70 mile drive from MA to RI with Mike.. Hahaha! Glad you all made it home safely!


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