Sunday, June 9, 2013

Does anyone even care what I wore Sunday?

So, just in case you aren't bored with all these what I wore Sunday posts and actually it is.

So, this outfit is basically a repeat.  It's a different skirt (but similar to other ones I have) I've never showcased before.  Why have I never showcased it before you might ask?
Because, it's my FAVORITE skirt and it's been MISSING for an entire year.  Yes...a entire favorite skirt. Oh, the tragedy.  I finally found it, smashed in the back of a dresser.

I'm sure you will all notice that for this picture, I am not outside under a tree.  I'm actually inside.  Why..the change you might ask?  Or maybe you don't care.  Whatever...I'll tell you anyway.  I was too lazy to walk all the way outside so I had my photographer take an indoor picture this time.

Definitely not the best photo....probably not best to take it in front of the window..but my photographer was even lazier than me and didn't want to get up off the couch.
Shirt: it's all one piece..just looks like two and it's from Walmart.
Skirt: Old Navy.  I love those foldover skirts!
Notice, I'm also not wearing shoes.  I did wear shoes to Mass, I promise.  But a certain someone who shall not be named left my shoes in the van, and I was too lazy to walk all the way downstairs and outside to get them.  So,  you get treated to a barefoot, indoor picture in front of an ugly floral couch...circa early 1990's (or maybe I just made that up...I have no idea when the couch was made...but I think the 90's was the last  time floral couches were in style.)  Or maybe not...I know nothing about style. 

So, Elsa (the only child who is young enough to get graded on Mass behavior since everyone else is old enough to know better, gets a B- for today.  She got the minus for trying to pull the ponytail of the lady who sat in front of us and for chewing on the cardboard insert of the new Mass responses right when the usher was coming down the aisle to collect the offering.'s been a year and half since the new responses were put into practice...everyone should know them by now, right, right??

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  1. Love the bright pop of color! There must have been a memo I didn't get... :)

  2. Love your outfit (and your blog!!).
    Another Catholic Mama blogger who found you on Fine Linen and Purple :)

  3. I looooove when I find something shoved in the back of a drawer! The pink and black looks great.

  4. My father-in-law totally has a couch just like that! From 1995. And somehow it's SUPER-comfy, despite appearances :P

  5. Like the no shoe look :). That is me all the time!

  6. You look great, Amelia! It's so funny to read about R.I. weather, too. I know I'm definitely acclimating to Florida weather. I dread the day I might have to face an actual...gasp!...WINTER. It'll kill me. Enjoy the balmy weather, if you can! It's started to finally heat up around here. I don't mind it as long as I'm in the shade or immersed in water! lol. Miss you guys!


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