Friday, June 21, 2013

Double the Link-Up, Double the Fun...3 Reasons within 7QTF

It's double link-up fun around here....linking up with Micaela from California to Korea and back again for Three Reasons I love Catholicism...all buried within Jen's 7 Quick Takes Friday.  See, this way, I only have to come up with 4 other takes.  I'm a card carrying member of Lazy Bloggers R Us.

Nuns, Sisters, Brothers, Religious Vocations.
Because those with religious vocations play an important role in our society.  It's awesome to have a bunch of people out there who's main vocation is to serve God and a totally unselfish way, without the worries of a family and other daily life to bog them down. 

Especially this nun sister, because when she comes a-visiting it's so much fun to go out in public with her and watch the heads turn.

Me and my sister the Sister.
Catholic Music

And speaking of Sisters...they make beautiful Music...and hit the top of the Billboard Charts!!!  Friends of ours are the producers of this gorgeous music! 
Catholics make the best that is truly uplifting and brings one closer to God.

The fact that our Church could have a Pope John Paul II and then a Pope Benedict and then a Pope Francis.  They each had/have their charism...all very different, but all very evidently sent by the Holy Spirit.  I can't imagine a worldwide church without a worldwide Papa.


So,  onto other topics.  I've been receiving all our new school books for next year.  This coming year, we are doing everything Mother of Divine Grace (except math and science).  I'm totally kicking myself for not doing this earlier. Totally kicking myself.  I LOVE having everything all laid out in the syllabus for me.  And, MODG seems to be the perfect mix of rigorous and not so rigorous.   Plus, getting new school books is so much fun..the kids are actually EAGER to do school.  EAGER...I'm taking advantage of that..totally!  (even though I had posted earlier that we were taking the summer off....I reserve the right to change my mind at any time!).  


Creepy at these are...I'm, so tempted. 

My baby is 9 months old and still only likes to sleep in I figured some creepy dismembered arms might be useful. 


The Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Bill Passed the House.   Thankfully, a few politicians are still logical enough to realize that the only difference between a baby that is still inside the womb at 6 months and one in the NICU  that was born at 6 months, is the fact that one is protected by law and the other isn't.

As always, I'm begging prayers...for Ben to pass the bar in July and to find the right job. Pretty please...with a Hail Mary on top?

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  1. You have a sister who's a Sister! I have a brother who's a Brother (temporarily while he's in he seminary)! I also have a brother who is already ordained. I am so so so thankful for the celibate religious in our faith. We are blessed to have them.

    I use Mater Amabilis for homeschooling. I've heard a lot about MODG, must research more. And YES to dismembered hands keeping my baby asleep. If only they were mechanical and could do the patting/shushing, too. :)

    Sorry about the broken link up. :( Working with inLinkz to fix it. I'll let you know when it's back up.

    1. And yes, I will pray for Ben!

    2. Thanks for your prayers!! I love having a member of the religious as part of our family...I feel like we get extra prayers or something. And we joke about how my sister already has rooms reserved for my girls at her convent...just as soon as they get old enough. LOL

    3. So cute! Rooms reserved! I finally got the link-up working again and I added yours for you. :) Thanks for participating again. You rock.


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