Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Five Favorites

Time for another Five Favorites!!

Here are all the things
that make my heart sing.

Super lame poem..yes?  Well, I never claimed to be a poet..and I sure do know it.


Ignore the yucky wet hair. 

My chair.  I have been reunited with my chair, we didn't have it in FL, but when we came back up to RI, there it was...waiting for me all those years.  I bought this chair from a yard sale for $75 several years ago, and it is still my most favorite piece of furniture.  I love this recliner chair.  It is so comfortable. Notice how I have it set up next to my laptop and the air conditioner.  Now, I just need an never-ending supply of chocolate, and I may never move again.


Today's which we do NOT need the air conditioner.

After 3 years in Fl with regular 90 degree temps...this is GLORIOUS! I love this weather...sunny, breezy, mid-60's.  Gorgeous!


This fruit..on sale.   My FAVORITE!!

And, Jessica from Housewifespice is doing some sort of link-up this week with a mystery ingredient, and this week's ingredient is cherries. Which sounds like fun...except I eat my cherries way too fast to be able to actually use them in a recipe.  I wonder if bowlful of cherries counts as a recipe?  I don't know..but I love, love, love, love, love, love, love fresh cherries.  And, none of my kids like when they go on sale, I buy bags and eat them all myself.  


That we just got new school books and can't wait to use them excitement!!  We got some new books in the mail this week and my kids are all eager to do school.  Too bad I can't bottle up that excitement and pull it out next February?



Am I too embarrassed to admit that I love this show?  I am..but I'll admit it anyway.  There is just something so endearing about a phobic, OCD brilliant Sherlock that goes around solving impossible murders with crazy story-lines.  I started watching this show during my morning exercise, and I LOVE it. 

So, those are my five faves!  You can see Hallie for more!
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